Forget the chocolate, advent calendars are only good when they get you drunk! This year, there are only 2 beer advent calendars available in BC thanks to some weird law that meant the original craft beer advent calendar could not be sold in BC. However, there are still a few options that are a great idea for the beer lover in your house (especially if that’s YOU).

So unless you’re planning on visiting another province before December 24th, the best bet for a beer advent calendar in Vancouver is one of the options below:

phillips beer advent calendar

Phillips 2015 Snowcase Tasting Party

This advent calendar is available from Phillips brewing, located in Victoria. It’s available at most BCL stores in Vancouver, as well as private liquor stores. Check out their website for details on where to find the Phillips beer advent calendar. Tasting stories about each beer will be revealed online to go along with the calendar. This advent calendar will cost you around $70.

beer advent calendar vancouver

Red Racer & Parallel 49 Craft Crossing

Two local breweries team up for their holiday season countdown for the “Craft Crossing” beer advent calendar available in Vancouver liquor stores. Similar to the Tasting Party, this case will include a variety of 24 different beers with new and interesting favourites… This advent calendar will cost you around $65 at BCL stores.

wine advent calendar

New District Wine Advent Calendar

If you’re a wine aficionado and would rather go for the grape over the barley, there is a new wine start up selling a wine bottle advent calendar, which includes¬†24¬†full-sized wine bottles in a white pine box. Each bottle is worth up to $100 and comes nicely wrapped. This delicacy will just cost you a cool $850. Quantities are very limited, so if you’re interested – you should probably order now.

For something completely different, BC Liquor Stores are also selling a “Twisted Shotz” advent calendar, for those who want to get a good buzz going every evening before Christmas.

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