Remember the good old days when you could make yourself a nice big fort made of blankets and couch cushions and people wouldn’t call you crazy or tell you to grow up and start investing in real estate… Well, if you’re sick of pretending to care about the rising cost of housing and you don’t want to even think about that huge dent that rent put into your bank account, we’ve got an event for YOU!

It’s a little weird, pretty imaginative, and definitely really comfortable. It’s called BlanketFort Storytime…

This event is relatively new and takes place at The Astoria on Hastings Street. Basically, all you have to do is bring yourself, your most comfortable pair of jammies (if you want) and a friend or two.

blanketfort storytime vancouver

The organizers bring blankets, pillows, and craft supplies. Everyone gets together to build an epic BlanketFort and then a storytelling & comedy show commences¬†at 8:30. There’s also crafting supplies so you can make some decorations for the fort. Sadly, you can’t sleep over at the Astoria, but that’d be pretty neat.

The event is by donation, so you don’t have to worry about going a little extra broke to pay an entry fee. It’s also monthly, so if you miss this month’s (tomorrow! December 1st!) there’s always next year.

Learn more about BlanketFort Storytime on their Facebook page.

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