If the clouds move this morning you’ll be able to see the first dusting of snow on the local mountains in North Vancouver! While it was pouring rain all weekend, the mountains got a nice cold surprise. Here’s hoping that the weathermen who are threatening a very warm winter are going to be wrong!

Cypress Mountain reports that they now have 7cm at Mid Mountain.

cypress mountain first snowfall

Grouse mountain received a light dusting of snow. And they are already announcing there first winter park jams will be happening at the end of November, so they’re feeling pretty optimistic!

grouse mountain snow 2015

Mount Seymour got a nice dump, looks like around 15 cm in the picture below!

mount seymour first snow

Winter passes are on sale at all of these mountains, so if you’re thinking this is going to be a great year – it’s probably a good idea to buy a pass now while they’re still cheap!

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