Fans of Thomas Haas chocolates are in for a sweet treat over the next few days thanks to the world-renowned chocolatier and Vancouver local Thomas Haas who will be celebrating his store’s 10th anniversary in the city with free chocolate giveaway!

The “Ten Delicious Days of Giveaways” (which started on November 19) has Haas hiding 250 tickets across the city which contain vouchers ranging from $10-100 towards free chocolate at either the North Vancouver or Kitsilano Thomas Haas locations.

As a bonus, each voucher will also give the finder a chance to be entered into a draw for a trip to two to the chocolate capital of the world: Brussels in Belgium and get a free tour of a chocolate factory with Thomas Haas himself (sound familiar?)

You can check Thomas Haas’ social media accounts (mainly Instagram) to get clues as to the whereabouts of these free chocolate vouchers. The 10 Delicious Days of Giveaways ends with a special Customer Appreciation Day at Haas’ North Vancouver location (998 Harbourside Dr.) on Sat. Nov. 28 from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. with all-ages entertainment and a bonus of delicious complimentary treats.

More information on the giveaways is available on the Thomas Haas website.

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