Game on! The Vancouver Park Board announced yesterday that Trout Lake is officially open for ice skating! The small lake near Commercial Drive is officially thick enough with solid ice to allow for anyone to lace up their skates and take a cruise around.

trout lake ice skating
Ice skating on Trout Lake back in 1929!

One highlight to the subzero temperatures and constant ice that has been lasting for longer than usual in Vancouver.

There will be no Zamboni, so don’t expect a pristine ice skating surface.┬áBut, the experience is worth the few extra bumps to say you’ve been able to skate on Trout Lake in Vancouver!

Ice skating on Trout Lake will last until the ice is deemed unsafe and too thin. Keep an eye on signage and respect the Park Board if they decide to close it again. You wouldn’t want to deal with another Polar Bear swim!

The Park Board has not said whether other ponds and lakes in the city, like Stanley Park’s Lost Lagoon and the pond on Granville Island, are safe to skate on yet.

According to the park board, the last time Vancouver’s lake and ponds were safe for public skating was in 1996.

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