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  1. Smartypantz was an amazing experience, we did the haunted room and while it wasn’t super scary it was a ton of fun, the host was an actor in costume and they set the stage for why we in the room. Props and decorations were amazing…and we had two way radios to ask for clues….and the host stayed in character on the radio…..even when they came in at the end….they were in character. We solved it with less than one minute to go….so exciting. We’ve heard the serial killer room is supposed to be awesome….it’s next on our list

  2. In Copenhagen we only have a few escape rooms. Looks like we should plan a trip to Vancouver

  3. We did the Guess HQ room of The Heist and it was great……we really appreciated that while we had 4 adults/teens playing we could also have our 7 year old daughter come along to enjoy the thrill of the game. Are there any other locations people would suggest where a child could tag along, and not meet up with things that are gory/scary/adult content?

  4. We’re bringing, Trapped, the east coasts biggest escape room franchise to Coquitlam. We’ll be open at the end of October at Unit 9 – 1300 Woolridge St. in Coquitlam. We’re right down the street from Ikea.

  5. If you need to leave can you get out or are you locked in till the end.

    1. Usually you can leave, they have cameras in the rooms and are monitoring them – at least in the one’s we’ve been too. Good to know for the claustrophobic…

  6. Krakit has a new next generation room. Saw is an over the top exciting game with great surprises. Good job on a great new room.
    Bring some friends the end will blow your mind.

  7. Lockdown on Bridgport is the absolute worst of 3 escape rooms I’ve done… The clues made no sense even after they explaned them to us and the locks didn’t work correctly once or twice. I’ve been to others in Kelowna anf Vancouver that were great.

  8. What is the best room for preteens/teens?

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      We at Find and Seek pride ourselves in the quality of our room and our customer’s experience, and it is mission critical for us that you have fun! We are critically acclaimed and our customers have given us a lot of positive feedback, as you can see here:

      We hope you’ll consider us on deciding which escape room works best for you, and your adolescent party!

      Warm Regards,

      Find and Seek Team

  9. I’ve played most of the rooms in gvrd. THEE best rooms are:

    -House of Horrors in Countdown Escape in coquitlam
    -Abandoned Dormitory in Lockdown in richmond, The prison room in lockdown is very good too.
    -I Exit downtown has great rooms / puzzles but no scary
    -Krakit is the most fun, any of the rooms with actors.

    -E Exit I did Atlantis room, was extremely expensive and TERRIBLE the worst room I’ve done (I’ve done 24 rooms now). Just a bunch of numbers and letters glued to dollar store props.

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