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  1. trying on clothes you’d never buy at fancy shops. test driving cars?

  2. Thanks for heads up on free entry to the art gallery and observatory – I’ll definitely check those out when visiting from Scotland next year 🙂

  3. Hey did you all know it was international girls roller derby
    at the Olympic oval in Richmond this weekend…no of course you didn’t

    1. Yes, actually – this was listed in our “Top 10 things to do this weekend” blog. If you want to know about events, subscribe to the blog. It’s updated more frequently.

  4. Just go’s to show you Vancouver is a dull and boring place…most events get posted after they happin…zombie walk..
    Festival of Lights at trout lake…parade of lost souls on comercial drive…fireworks at nat Bailey …fireworks at the
    movie sets…why are all the really cool and free things hard to find until it’s to late…cannabis convention wasn’t posted till Sunday ..I would have went Saturday in the rain…keep posting…
    I bet more than half of Vsncouver didn’t know that Langely shuts down the cityfor the biggest free car show in Canada
    Sept 10….yes you missed it…”still bored”

  5. can I please be put on your mailing list

  6. play pokemon go, everyones doing it

  7. Thanks for finally writing about >Best list of free things to do in Vancouver <Liked it!

  8. Bored no more. Thank you for the inventive list.

  9. I love the fact someone put in the time, effort and love into this site. You’re the real GOAT

    You rock my socks!

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