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  1. Best gluten free burger by far in Vancouver is at Big Dogs Burger Bus… they have a food truck that you can find downtown. Amazing burgers with the best gluten free buns ever !! Unfortunately they are not always around as they do the festival circuit in the summer – hope they open a permanent location soon 🙂

  2. I have three to add. 1. Vij’s – definitely upscale but! 2. His Rangoli – again, he and his staff are very conscientious. 3. Chutney Villa at NW side of Broadway and Main, on Main. All good food, and all pretty reliable.

    My experience with Taqueira? Last time we checked they didn’t use separate equipment for gluten-free foods. Maybe that’s changed. Hope so!

  3. I would just like to warn any celiacs that Cartem’s is not safe, unfortunately. I had a gluten free donut from there 6 months ago and got very sick. They changed the signs after to say “gluten friendly”.

  4. Fantastic overview. Some kids here in North Van started a gluten free bars delivery service; just got my first box with a variety of bars. Pretty cool and great to support them. Have a look at

  5. Hello
    Just read through your recommendations for glueten free in Vancouver. I see you missed my favorite restaurants on the drive??? Bandidas taqueria. They have a huge and delicious menu -almost everything is glueten free including amazing desserts! Hand made corn tortillas -yum! So many glueten free breakfast options.
    Love your website, keep up the good work

  6. Thanks for this! Visiting from the UK in July (so excited!) And with 3/5 coeliacs we can’t afford to be ill on our holiday. Will check some of these out!

    1. Any good resources that you can recommend for the UK? I’m headed there in July.

  7. Downtown Sushi Bar (on Davie) has an owner or manager (I can’t remember which) that is celiac so they have gluten free soya sauce and will make any of their rolls safe. They also say their tempura is gluten free.

    Roxy Burger has a gluten free burger bun (not on the menu) for no extra charge but their fries do not have an exclusive fryer, though they do also have True Grist beer.

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