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  1. Lotus Seed at Kingsway and Boundary! Soooo amazing and reasonable price. I agree this list is wack.

  2. yeah, if a restaurant serves meat they shouldn’t be included. and you completely didn’t list any of the great Asian vegetarian/vegan restaurants in the city, like 3G Vegetarian on Cambie. VERY incomplete list.

  3. How is Wallflower listed when you write they serve meat?

  4. Amazing! I’m going to check this list out next time I go to Vancouver – we only stopped by for a day on our trip last year but it was such an amazing place, I want to go back! xxx

  5. The Jaxx Teahouse and lounge! Full vegan and makes their own cheeeeeese :):) mmmm

  6. The Eatery isn’t vegetarian at all…

  7. Buddha-Full provisions on the North shore, is my top pic for healthy inspired eating!

  8. Planet Veg on cornwall and cypress is a really great place to get vegetarian and vegan food. It’s technically “fast food” but dont let that turn you off cause it’s awesome.

  9. Eternal Abundance on The Drive is an amazing vegan cafe, their raw mushroom burger is so good!

  10. any recommendations from Langley and east?? so hard to find vegan options in the Fraser valley!

  11. Tera V Burger is both vegetarian and vegan.

  12. Pretty good.. But how is Meet on Main not in this list?!

    It’s easily my favourite veg/vegan spot in the city.

    1. I totally agree! They’ve gone completely vegan at the beginning of the year! They are on the list but at the end of it. They should be one of the first ones! Awesome food, awesome people and awesome prices!

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