We’ve just posted our big list of things happening this NYE 2016 in Vancouver, so to celebrate – we’re giving some stuff away!

One of the biggest parties this year is a huge multi-room event at The Hotel Vancouver. The organizers for this massive party have offered us two tickets to giveaway for a prize pack worth over $200!

NYE 2016 at Hotel Vancouver features an all night dance party, showstopping entertainment, and more across five luxury ballrooms.

nye 2016 vancouver contest

It’s where all the cool kids will be. So if you want to be there to, you can enter to win 2 free tickets to Hotel Vancouver NYE 2016 by:

  1. Leaving a comment on this post letting us know what your best memory from 2015 was (1 entry)
  2. Liking the post on Facebook and tag the friend/lover you’d take with you (2 entries)
  3. RTing our message on Twitter (1 entry)

Good luck! The contest ends on December 17, 2015. After entering, be sure to check out the big list of things happening this NYE 2016 (just in case you need a back up plan…)

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  1. Nina

    Spend time relaxing with Family visiting from Powell River, BC.

  2. Ariana

    This sounds amazing!! My best memory of 2015 was buying my first car 🙂

  3. Paola Gastmeier

    I so want to win so my partner and I can go have some fun for the first time in a while!! Thank you guys!

  4. Paola Gastmeier

    Oh and my best memory of 2015 was moving into a beautiful place!!

  5. lety

    Arriving in beautiful Vancouver for the first time! 🙂

  6. Rosanna

    Having my family come over to celebrate my graduation with me!

  7. Fabiane Niemeyer

    Best memory from 2015: My wedding in Amsterdam. 😉

  8. sandhya prasad

    would love to win it – best memory was to meet our Prime Minister from Fiji Islands as per of firstever Miss Fiji Canada Gala

  9. Victoria

    Best memory of 2015: living in the Okanagan for the summer!

  10. Carla Frost

    Spending some time in Whistler this past summer to relax and rejuvenate. Nothing like the mountains, trees and lakes.

  11. Ian Goldman

    My favourite memory of 2015 was watching the sun set from the top of a volcano at Crater Lake OR.

  12. Julie Merrick

    Unlocking “poopy pigeon” and “Lovely Bunny” via a shared Crossroad obsession with my eight-year-old-Girl-child Leela.

  13. Stephanie Tang

    My best memory of 2015 was when my parents came to visit me in Taiwan where I’ve been here now for a year and a half. You don’t really how much you miss a super simple, home cooked meal made by Mom until she’s there cooking. So close to being home for the holidays!

  14. Marissa sellmer

    My favourite memory of 2015 was finding out I got accepted into the nursing program! I remember getting the email and being so excited after working so hard to get good grades!

  15. Shannon Gona

    My favorite memory of 2015 was packing up my 2-bedroom condo in the Okanagan and moving down to Vancouver … into a 300 sq ft studio!!! It was a big decision but it’s been a great change. Would love to win these tickets as it’s my first NYE in Vancouver!!!

  16. Amar

    My best memory of 2015 will be when it’s over.

  17. Sandra Barrett

    My best memory of 2015 is a day I got to spend with my brother <3

  18. Rebecca

    My best memory in 2015 will be finding out im pregnant

  19. Leanne S

    Best memory was my mother visiting – we hadn’t been together for 3 years.

  20. Janet

    My best memory in 2015 was celebrating one year living in Vancouver!!
    What took me so long to move here? 🙂

  21. Whitney

    Favorite memory – > Pemberton Music Festival! But bring on 2016 🙂