Ever gone over the Lions Gate Bridge and thought – wow, I would really like to climb to the top of that thing! Soon, you’ll be able to (legally) climb the Lions Gate Bridge in a new tour that is rumored to be launching this year around Canada Day!

The tour is currently going through a final approval process, but when it gets the go ahead, thrill seekers will be invited to climb 360 ladder rungs to the top of the bridge where an amazing birds-eye view will be available!

climb the lions gate bridge

The Lions Gate Bridge Climb tour will include a long, seemingly never-ending climb up to the top of the tour inside a small enclosed space. After the climb you’ll be able to stand where few have stood before – on top of the bridge towers near the navigational lights. After taking a break to enjoy the view (including many, many, opportunities for photos), you will then get to experience the joy of walking back down 360 ladder rungs! Sign us up!

For those brave enough to tackle the tough climb, you’ll be paying around $250 to $330 for the experience. The price is still not set, so this could change. But, this is a similar price for comparable experiences around the world. Plus, you’ll get bragging rights – this would be the first bridge climb in North America!

If everything goes to plan, people will be able to climb the Lions Gate Bridge starting around Canada Day (July 1, 2017) to celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday. More information about the Lions Gate Bridge Climb can be found in the Vancouver Sun article.

What do you think, if the Lions Gate Bridge Climb opens for business, will you sign up for a climb? Let us know in the comment section below!

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