It’s a Christmas miracle! The much-anticipated Vancouver cat cafe (known as Catfe) has just announced that they will be officially opening for business on Monday, December 14, exactly one week from now!

Their business license has been secured and they will be serving their first customers at their 88 West Pender Street location (the second floor of International Village). Finally, another reason to visit Tinsletown other than empty movie theatres and the cheap Japanese $2 store!

vancouver cat cafe

If you haven’t yet heard about Vancouver’s first official cat cafe, it is a cafe… with cats! The cafe section is separate from the cats (because nobody wants cat hair with their coffee), but the main draw is the awesome kitties who will be provided by the BCSPCA and other organizations that typically keep their cats in cages.

Update from Catfe: “Our cats will come from the BC SPCA, and Catfe will act as a centre for support and awareness for animal rescues and charities all over British Columbia. Each month we will donate a percentage of our profits to a different charity, and help shine a spotlight on the important work that they do.

So, not only will the cats be fun to play with, but you can also take one home if you fall in love!

The Vancouver Cat Cafe will be hosting pre-opening visits for people who helped with their Kickstarter crowd funding campaign, but everyone else will have to wait until Monday!

Learn more about the Vancouver Cat Cafe on their Facebook page.

vancouver cat cafe

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  1. Maximus Meridius

    At first I thought “What a dumb idea”. Seriously, who needs a coffee with cats?
    You completely sold me since it’s an adoption place. This needs to be highlighted more than the coffee side.
    At the West Vancouver SPCA you can sign out a dog to take for a walk. So I did, with my daughter. Best thing we ever did, and yes, we have a dog now from the SPCA.
    I am so pleased there is a place to adopt cats. I wish you the best of luck and hope you thrive.

    1. Jessica

      It’s highly popular in other countries already. So people who love cats but can’t keep them because their landlords rule out pets, or they travel a lot, or are too busy to take on the responsibility, or people dragged along by their friends, have a chance to see what it’s like to have cats around. And many of us LOVE cats.

  2. Jane

    I will be there with all my friends.

  3. Love for cats

    Cats hate noise, not to mention it is cruel to subject them to the type of constant noise that comes from a coffee shop…such as coffee grinding machines and such. Therefore I sure hope this was taken into consideration and noise cancelling means were put into place prior to bringing the cats in.

    1. Jessica

      Humans hate noise too, but one gets used to it. Just coffee-grinding isn’t that big a deal, if there aren’t construction works going on next door. Even domesticated cats have to put up with coffee-grinding, or junior’s trumpet practices, or gun-shooting on TV. I draw the line at bells hanging from the cats’ necks. That must be a real nuisance for the cats.

  4. T. Trex

    I give it six months. Imagine the cat urine smell after a couple of weeks. And who wants to go back to the office with cat fur all over them? Yuck.

    1. Jessica

      Not at all. Cats are naturally very clean animals. If the cafe provides kitty litter etc, visitors would not smell cat urine any more than they would in a cat-friendly home. And would walk away with as much or as little cat hair on them. You probably don’t know much about cats. Try it and see for yourself.

    2. Scarlet

      T. Trex, you sound like you don’t like cats. So just don’t go to any Cat Cafes.
      BTW…..for your info, many Cat Cafes in Japan are still in business….no cat pee order there.

  5. Jessica

    I see the cat staff are being groomed to be nice and neat, and to be on their best behavior when the clients come in. I hope there are no problems with equal opportunity, excessively long working hours, holiday pay and maternity leave. We need a great working environment for cats too.

  6. Chris

    I think it is a great idea. Cats often times get a bad rap. I can’t imagine my life without cats. They give so much love and entertain me constantly. Hopefully your idea will bring people in and cats will find new homes. Is a win win. If you have never owned a cat, go there and snuggle up to a kitty. You too could find yourself falling in love.