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24 hour restaurants in Vancouver

If you’ve ever been out during the wee hours of the morning in Vancouver, you know it’s like a zombie apocalypse out there. Nothing’s open, there’s nobody walking around, taxis can never be found..

Luckily, there are a few respites to this, the few and far between restaurants that remain open 24 hours of the day.

So, the next time you’re craving a hot meal and a cup of coffee at 4:30am, you know there are at least a few places to go other than the MacDonald’s drive-thru window…

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

The Naam

The best choice for late-night eats because you won’t feel as guilty after you’ve shoved it all into your face! The Naam is a vegetarian-only restaurant that satisfies your late-night or early-morning munchies. If you’re looking for something warm and filling, get the Miso fries. If you’re looking for a snack, get the hummus.

Location: 2724 W 4th Ave, Kitsilano Vancouver
Known for: vegetarian eats, miso potato fries

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

Breka Bakery

Breka Bakery was first established in 1963 and since then it has blossomed into a well-known 24/7 bakery with 3 locations in the city (Fraser, Bute & Davie). If you ever find yourself craving cake or freshly-baked bread at 3 in the morning, this is the place to go. Everything is reasonably priced and the coffee is freshly brewed for you.

Location: 6533 Fraser Street, 818 Bute Street, 855 Davie Street
Known for: cakes and coffees at late night

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

Lucy’s Eastside Diner

A gleaming beacon of warm, delicious light shines at you from Main Street. It’s Lucy’s, the diner that’s open 24/7 to serve you your well-deserved Mac and Cheese with a side of bacon at 4am. Sparse on the seating, Lucy’s Eastside Diner can be busy even early in the morning. But, it’s worth the lineup for the milkshakes and retro decor.

Location: 2708 Main St, Vancouver
Known for: milkshakes!

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

Duffin’s Donuts

Donuts done pretty damn well. This place is better than Tim Hortons (in our opinion) and open anytime for your most deepest of donut cravings. Fill a box of 6 or 12 donuts and make sure you get a honey dip. After you binge on donuts, maybe order yourself a sandwich or some pupusas and fried chicken. They are actually pretty decent when prepared fresh.

Location: 1391 E 41st Ave, Vancouver
Known for: Donuts & people watching 

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

Waves Coffee

Open 24 hours with free wireless internet, this is the standard place to go if you’re looking to get some work done late at night. It’s got the standard cafe feel with good coffee and bakery goods. Nothing special, but it’s open all hours of the day in multiple locations around Vancouver!

Location: Full list of locations
Known for: 24 hours coffee / free wifi

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

Siegel’s Bagels (Kits)

YUM. There’s nothing better than a bagel soaked in meat juice in the middle of the night. After you’ve been drinking, this is THE PLACE that will answer all your munchie-craving needs. The smoked meat sandwiches are awesome any time of the day, but somehow taste a little extra special during the night. For all the vege-heads, the avocado sandwich is also delicious. Note: only the Kitsilano location is open 24 hours.

Location: 1883 Cornwall Ave, Kitsilano, Vancouver
Known for: fresh bagels

24 hour restaurants in vancouver

Pho Extreme Xe Lua Restaurant

Fa lala, time for some Pho. There are quite a few pho places which cater to the nighthawks, but this one is a bit more well known. Never having eaten here, it is said that the best part of this restaurant is its long hours (24/7) and its large, varied menu.

Location: 457 W Broadway Vancouver
Known for: Salty food and interesting characters
Website: Zomato page

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