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8 epic rope swings near Vancouver

First things first: rope swings are cool, but they can be dangerous. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you attempt to swing on a rope. Second: these things get cut down pretty frequently, so if the swing is no longer there – let us know!

Now that that’s covered, time to get to the good stuff! Looking for some epic rope swings to make your hot, summer days a little more fun? Check out the list below for some awesome places to spend a day dipping into water or just watching the fearless guys (and girls) do things you didn’t think imaginable off a piece of rope. And remember: ALWAYS LET GO!

kitsilano rope swing

Kitsilano Rope Swing

Okay, this one is epic mainly because of the view. Also, it comes and goes, so if it’s not there when you try and find it… Sorry! To find this swing, walk along the beachside trail past the public pool at Kitsilano Beach, keep walking… Eventually you will come to this beauty. It’s a common spot to watch the sunset, so take a picnic and a few beers (and a bag to take away your garbage) and settle in for an excellent way to end the day.

Location: In front of the mansions near Point Grey Road.
Extreme Factor: Low
Reliability: Comes and goes…
Extra notes: For fuck’s sake, clean up your garbage.

Lions Bay Rope Swing

The notorious cliff jumping spot in Lions Bay also has an awesome rope swing feature that has you swinging through the trees and over some rocks (and people!) before a long fall to the frigid water below. You’ll have to walk along the railroad tracks to get to this spot, and sometimes the cops are policing it. That being said, it’s still a very popular spot in the summer.

Location: Drive along the Sea to Sky highway 99, take the Kelvin Grove exit, cross the overpass, hang a left and follow it all the way down the hill. Park in the parking lot and try to get a visitor’s spot then walk down the train tracks. (more info)
Extreme Factor: High
Reliability: Pretty reliable in the summer. Someone attached a waterski rope handle to it recently.
Extra notes: Respect the neighbours! Be safe, not a statistic. The ocean is very cold.

brohm lake rope swing

Brohm Lake Rope Swing (Squamish)

Frequented by local Squamish & Whistler residents who are known for their crazy, high-flying antics in the terrain park take it to the lake in the summer. Brohm Lake has a few excellent rope swings that you can find by walking around the lake, or by blowing up a floaty and paddling yourself around the shore. This lake is amazing in the summer and can get quite busy.

Location: Sea to Sky Highway just past Alice Lake & Squamish
Extreme Factor: Moderate to high depending on which rope swing you choose.
Reliability: Very reliable.
Extra notes: Bring a floaty and follow the sounds of excited cheering to find the rope swing – you could try swimming to the big one, but it’s pretty far away. Beautiful lake.

Cat Lake Rope Swing (Squamish)

Cat Lake is a nice alternative to Brohm if the crowds are too big. Although, the secret’s out and Cat Lake is becoming a lot more popular as well. This little lake gets nice and warm in the summer time and is a fun place to hang out at for a day or camp for a weekend. The rope swing is on the West (?) side of the lake and is easy to find.

Location: Sea to Sky Highway just past Alice Lake & Squamish, but right before Brohm Lake (take the service road up the hill)
Extreme Factor: Easy
Reliability: Very reliable.
Extra notes: This rope swing is easy to handle and is a favourite for kids and adults alike. It’s a fun way to plunge into the lake.

whistler rope swing

Loggers Lake Rope Swing (Whistler)

Glide through two trees to go flying over this locals-favourite lake in Whistler. The baby rope swing is on the left side of the lake. The big rope the big tree drop are the first zone on the right. Further up along the right side is another tree drop and medium rope swing. The water here is amazing and its a short swim to cross the lake or to get to any of the other swings.

Location: Drive along the Cheakamus Forest Service road out of Function Junction and drive along the gravel road following the signs for Loggers Lake.
Extreme Factor: High
Reliability: Somewhat reliable. Has been cut down but replaced again in the past.
Extra notes: Can be buggy in this area in the summer.

Alpha Lake Rope Swing (Whistler)

Another extreme rope swing that gets cut down and replaced over and over again. This rope swing is one of the more extreme options and is not for the easily intimidated. You’ll be jumping off a cliff edge and zooming over rocks before taking the huge fall to the water below.

Location: Park at Alpha Lake beach in Whistler and walk along the train tracks and find the trail to the rope (more info)
Extreme Factor: Very High
Reliability: Not reliable, because of the extremity of the rope swing it often gets cut down – only to be replaced later…
Extra notes: Nice little lake to relax at in the summer and the water is very refreshing.

Joffree Lakes Rope Swing (Pemberton)

What better way to plunge into a glacier lake than by rope swing? (Then you can’t chicken out!) This rope swing makes for amazing pictures for anyone brave enough to conquer it. Last September it was cut down, so hopefully it will be replaced for this year’s hiking season. These lakes are worth the road trip.

Location: Drive past Pemberton along highway 99 to get to the hiking trail. The rope swing is located near the log sticking into the second lake.
Extreme Factor: Moderate. Cold factor: extremely high!
Reliability: Not reliable, is regularly cut down. Let’s see if it gets replaced.
Extra notes: Bring some extra clothes and a towel because you’ll likely be freezing unless it’s an extremely hot day!

mystic beach rope swing

Mystic Beach Rope Swing (Vancouver Island)

We wanted to include this rope swing just because it’s so majestic. You won’t be doing any back flips off of this rope swing, but taking a ride on it is always fun. This rope swing is located at the start of the Juan de Fuca trail near Sooke, BC and it’s a cool beach to hike to and explore for the day.

Location: Drive through Victoria and head to Sooke before going to the Juan de Fuca trailhead. (more info).
Extreme Factor: Low
Reliability: Very reliable.
Extra notes: Don’t forget a camera and a friend to give you a push.

Know of any other rope swings near Vancouver? Sharing is caring 🙂 Let us know in the comment section below. 

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