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A weekend away to Salt Spring Island

Salt Spring Island is one of the largest Gulf Islands in BC just a 2-hour ferry ride away from Tsawwassen terminal. Salt Spring is a great island to explore either by moped or bike. Car is fine too, but there’s just something about peddling along and getting surprised by the deer that is quite amazing.

Walking onto the ferry with a bike is also much (much!) easier than driving. Drive to Tsawwassen, park for ~$20 a day, and hop onto the direct ferry to Salt Spring Island. However, be warned that Salt Spring is very hilly. So, if you do decide to bike, be aware that it is not going to be easy. But, that will just make the dips into the cool lakes seem that much more worth it, eh?

Saltspring island weekend trip

What to do on Salt Spring Island when you get there:

  • Camp at Ruckle Bay Campground (first come first serve!) 
  • Buy produce from any of the road-side farm stands
  • Hit up the local goat cheese factory and lavender farm
  • Take a dip in one of the main lakes (we like St. Mary’s the best)
  • Go on a winery and brewery crawl
  • Get out of Ganges!
  • Except when you check out the Saturday market, be prepared to dance!
  • Meet some of the very tanned hippy locals and buy them beer, maybe they’ll tell you some secret locations on the island
  • Hike to the top of Mt. Erskine for an amazing view
  • Eat at the Tree-House Cafe
  • Drink a coffee at the eclectic Kizmit cafe
  • Try and keep a count of how many deer you see

We managed to pack everything into a long weekend getaway (arriving Friday afternoon and leaving Sunday night). But, we would definitely come back to do even more exploring.

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