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All the (strictly) vegan & vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver

These restaurants know how to make veggies shine and can even make a meat eater forget to complain about the lack of protein on a plate. Are we missing a restaurant or two? Let us know in the comments!

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Downtown Vancouver

MeeT in Gastown

Location: 12 Water Street, Vancouver
Category: Casual dining, comfort food
Description: A boisterous restaurant in Gastown that features an exciting plant-based menu. Highlights include the extensive french fry menu, the sweet-chili cauliflower appetizers, and the (strong) innovative cocktails to make it a memorable meal.

Beetbox Veg

Location: 1074 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC
Category: 100% Plant-based
Description: A downtown burger stand that’s 100% plant-based! This burger stand is the way of the future! Delicious sides and cold drinks go with the four burgers that are the main stars of this restaurant.

Indigo Age Cafe

Location: 436 Richards Street, Vancouver (Gastown)
Category: Raw / Vegan
Description: Vegan restaurant that focuses on offering raw food, but with an extensive Ukrainian menu and high tea. Lots of salads, soups, entrees, and baked goods to choose from in a funky location in Gastown.

Vegan Pudding & Co.

Location: #101-422 Richards Street, Vancouver (Gastown)
Category: Pudding!
Description: Just down the street from the Indigo Age Cafe, this hole in the wall (literally) serves pudding that are 100% vegan, soy-free, nut-free, gluten-free, and white-sugar free. Best of all, they taste good!

Main Street

Virtuous Pie

Location: 583 Main Street, Vancouver (Chinatown)
Category: Pizza / Vegan
Description: Handcrafted pizza that is made entirely in-house with artisanal nut-based cheeses with innovative toppings and names (Stranger Wings, anyone?). Cap it off with some delicous plant-based ice cream for dessert! There’s also a location up at UBC.

The Chickpea

Location: 4298 Main Street, Vancouver
Category: Mediterranean / Vegan
Description: Plant based comfort food with a Mediterranean Twist. Think: hummus, chickpea fries, salads, falafals, and more. They also have a food truck that is typically based in Downtown Vancouver.

The Arbor

Location: 3941 Main Street, Vancouver
Category: Casual / Innovative
Description: The sister restaurant to The Acorn, with burgers, flatbread pizzas, and fried “oysters” that are actually just oyster mushrooms! Tasty food in a more casual and hip laid-back restaurant environment.

The Acorn

Location: 3995 Main Street, Vancouver
Category: Upscale Vegetarian / cocktail bar
Description: The restaurant that will introduce you to the amazingness that is Halloumi cheese (if you’re vegetarian). A fancier vegetarian restaurant with innovative cocktails that will make any date night great.

Meet at Main

Location: 4288 Main Street, Vancouver
Category: Casual dining / comfort food
Description: The original ‘Meet’ restaurant (sister restaurant is in Gastown), with delicious veggie bowls, burgers, and tons of options for fries. Those cauliflower bites, tho

The Black Lodge

Location: 317 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Category: Vegetarian/vegan pub fare
Description: The Black Lodge is a fully licensed, open late nights and completely vegetarian (with lots of vegan and gluten free options!)

Commercial Drive

Chau Veggie Express

Location: 5052 Victoria Drive, Vancouver
Category: Vegan/Vietnamese
Description: Delicious vegetarian food that is inspired by the owner’s Vietnamese roots in family and culture. The food is fresh, healthy, and creative. Menu items include quinoa, lots of coconut options, rice noodles, tofu, lemongrass, and the especially-popular taro chips.

Eternal Abundance

Location: 1025 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Category: Live/Raw Food
Description: A locavore’s haven, this cafe offers raw & cooked vegan meals, smoothies & gluten-free desserts. Half grocery store, half cafe – all your needs will be satisfied with this little community shop that also hosts Nutrition & Health events.

Bandidas Taqueria

Location: 2781 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Category: Mexican / Vegetarian
Description: Some of the best tacos and burritos in the city, bonus: they’re all vegetarian! There are plenty of vegan options as well. Everything is served fresh and it’s got a good kick to it. They also have a food truck that is located in Downtown Vancouver.

Cafe Deux Soleil

Location: 2096 Commercial Drive, Vancouver
Category: Comfort food
Description: Hearty, healthy comfort food in a unique restaurant that hosts tons of fun events and a wicked happy hour. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a variety of options that range from nachos to pot pie to coconut curry.

Vegan Pizza House

Location: 2119 Kingsway, Vancouver
Category: Vegan/Pizza
Description: Awesome take-out pizza that’s full of greasy goodness for those days when you need a little extra warmth in your stomach. All sauces and dressings are prepared in-house, and there are also donairs, spanakopita, and rice dishes if you want something other than pizza.


The Naam

Location: 2724 West 4th Avenue
Category: 24 hour comfort food
Description: The quintessential vegetarian restaurant that has been around for years. Known for its miso gravy and fries, late night dining options, and for a huge, extensive vegetarian menu. This place caters to everyone.

Dharma Kitchen

Location: 3667 W Broadway, Vancouver
Category: Vegan
Description: Tasty vegan fare that’s served with complimentary cucumber water and chai tea. Focuses on salads, Tempeh burgers, and rice bowls.

Tera V Burger

Location: 2961 Broadway, Vancouver
Category: Burgers
Description: If you’re on Broadway doing some shopping, stop into the Tera V Burger for a satisfying meat-free burger with a side of baked fries. In a rush? You can also order these delicious burgers online for easy pickup!

Sejuiced Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: 1958 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Category: Juice Bar / Cafe
Description: Specializing in juice, this restaurant offers casual meals with options including a daily soup, desserts, and veggie burgers.
Website: Sejuiced website

Other areas

Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant

Location: 1509 West 12th Avenue (Granville Street)
Category: Upscale / Vegetarian
Description: Similar to The Acorn, this vegetarian restaurant has a more upscale feel than some of the other places on this list. The dishes are inventive, tasty, and quite filling. The decor is classy and you’ll feel very hip eating here. Great breakfast & brunch options, and also open for dinner. There’s also a more casual spot in Ambleside, West Vancouver.

Lotus Seed

Location: #180 – 3665 Kingsway, Vancouver (Metrotown)
Category: Asian Fusian
Description: A newer restaurant in Burnaby that features healthy, fresh food. They have a smaller menu (to ensure quality & freshness) that has hearty Pho, baked burritos, sushi, Thai Curry and more.

Workshop Cafe

Location: 296 Pemberton Avenue (North Vancouver)
Category: Japanese Inspired / Cafe
Description: Workshop has a small menu featuring delicious japanese noodle dishes and buddha bowls. Everything is delicious and made right in front of you! The mochi cakes for dessert are also a great way to cap off the meal. Worth the road trip to the suburbs for this little gem. There’s also an outpost on Hastings near Playland.


Location: 106 West 1st Street (North Vancouver)
Category: Juice Bar / Plant-based Foods
Description: Buddha-Full has two locations in North Vancouver and offers fresh, tasty juices along with vegan, fluten-free, and raw dining choices. More of a cafe than a restaurant, Buddha-Full has easy to grab food that can be eaten in-house or on the go. Think: wraps, salads, and Buddha bowls.

Are we missing any restaurants? Let us know in the comment section below!

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