Art Battle Vancouver: Live competitive painting

Art Battle is a monthly live competitive painting event that takes place in multiple cities across Canada. In just 20 minutes, blank canvases are transformed into brilliant works of art while the crowd moves around the easels, closely watching the creative process. At the end of the 20 minutes, the audience votes for their favourite painting and the best moves on.

This monthly event has 12 of Vancouver’s best professional and emerging artists competing for fun, glory, a $500 cash prize, and a spot in the Vancouver Finals that will be held in the Summer.

It’s a fun and unique evening and an amazing chance to see artists taken out of their studio and put in front of an audience to create something spontaneously.

art battle vancouver

Anyone is able to join (assuming you have a bit of experience with painting and have a few samples), and if you’re feeling inspired you can even register to compete in an upcoming Art Battle event yourself.

To learn more about Art Battle, visit the website; or, check out the next event!

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