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Bike the Arbutus Greenway

For those who cycle, the ever-expanding bike lanes in Vancouver are incredibly exciting. Cycling on the road can be stressful and dangerous, so when given the opportunity to cruise down a dedicated bike path, it’s hard not to keep a giant grin on your face.

For those looking for a good place to cruise, there’s a fantastic path in town that stretches from Kitsilano to Marpole. The Arbutus Greenway takes cyclists, pedestrians, and skateboarders on a freshly paved path that winds its way through neighbourhoods, wild flowers, and parks. It’s a haven for anybody on two (or four) wheels!

arbutus greenway vancouver

The Arbutus Greenway officially starts off at 6th and Fir Park (near Granville Island) and extends all the way down to Marpole. The path used to be a railroad that has now been taken over by community gardeners, cyclists, and families.

The Arbutus Greenway has been in development since 2016 and continues to grow each day. There are a few areas which still could use some work (you have to leave the greenway at parts and cross at busy intersections). But, the path is there and everything else will just be a bonus!

The best way to experience the Greenway is by entering in Kitsilano on 6th street and Fir. A bit of an odd start, as there are technically no bike lanes leading to the Greenway on that side. Once you get on the Greenway itself, it’s an easy path to follow. Bonus: the hills are pretty easy to manage, so you won’t be working too hard throughout this ride! If you manage to take the Greenway all the way to Marpole, you can cut off at 68th Avenue (again a bit of a confusing bike path when you cross Granville) to head to Richmond or East Vancouver or you can just turn yourself around and go back from where you came!

Download a printable map to navigate the greenway’s cycling and transit connections, parks, commercial districts, community gardens, museums, and more.

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