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If you’re bored of staying home and playing board games, it’s time for you to go to a bar and play a round. We’ve created a list of some great board game bars to go to if you’re looking to grab a pint and start a new tabletop rivalry with your significant other’s best friend.

stormcrow tavern vancouver

1. Stormcrow Tavern

This list wouldn’t be a list without Stormcrow Tavern. This nerd paradise is chock-a-block full of board games, movie memorabilia, and some delicious food. Board game selection ranges from Scrabble to Settlers of Catan to Cards Against Humanity. If you run out of games to play, you can grab a book (if you really have nothing to talk about), or just sit and stare at the walls all evening and try to pick out your favourite crossbow.

  • Location: 1305 Commercial Drive
  • Why go here? Nerds, trivia nights, tons of board game selection
  • Sample menu item: Hark! A Hummus
  • Hours: Mon-Sat: 11am – 1am, Sun: 11am – midnight
  • Website:

2. Rumpus Room

It’s like hanging out in your living room, but with better food and better things to do! The Rumpus Room on Main Street is your “home away from home”. The food will satisfy all your cravings (whether you’re hoping for chicken and waffles or some vegan options). Most importantly, there are several board games available to keep you entertained for endless evenings.

  • Location: 2301 Main Street, Vancouver
  • Why go here? Fried pickles and board games? Yes please!
  • Sample menu item: Mushroom melt burger
  • Hours: Sun – Thurs: 11am – 1am, Fri – Sat: 11am – 2am
  • Website: Facebook page
board game bars vancouver

3. Ludica Pizzeria

The food! The games! Unf. This place is hard to beat for board games in Vancouver. It’s like going over to someone’s house who has a ridiculous collection of games as well as handmade pizza that is baked in a stone oven. Ludica also boasts a huge collection of over 500 board games and card games to select from. On weekend evenings (or by request via reservation) they even have a game steward on-hand — someone familiar with games who can recommend one for your party and teach it to you right there at your table.

  • Location: 189 Keefer Place, Vancouver
  • Why go here? Try out a new game that you’ve never heard of before
  • Sample menu item: PIZZA
  • Hours: M-Th: 5-11:30pm, F-Sa: noon-midnight, Sun: noon-11:30
  • Website:

4. Six Acres

This Gastown bar is a great place to people-watch, nosh on quality comfort food, or play a board game on a rainy day. Six Acres is a cool, hip, and casual hangout situated right next to the statue of Gassy Jack. It’s got a great beer list, small plates for sharing, and other delicious options. This is a great day to spend a full day if you’re getting cabin fever at home. It’s got a cozy feel that you will definitely appreciate.

Location: 203 Carrall Street, Gastown
Why go here? 
It’s raining out and you want to drink away the day (with board games)
Sample menu item: Seared Bison Steak Salad
Hours: Monday to Sunday, 5pm to Late

5. 131 Water Street

This cozy little bar / restaurant is a nice place to hang out with some friends for a casual evening of drinking and playing games. There isn’t a huge selection, but it’s a nice option for those who’ve run out of things to talk about. It’s a nice setting and has a lot of room, despite what you may think when walking by.

Location: 131 Water Street, Gastown
Why go here? 
Because Guilt & Co doesn’t have games anymore
Sample menu item: Deep fried pickles
Hours: Sun-Tues: noon – 8:30pm, wed-thu: noon – 10pm, fri-sat: noon – 1pm

6. Back & Forth Bar

A new edition, this bar is like hanging out in your parent’s basement, if your parents served cocktails and beer, freshly cooked hot pockets, and bought you all the fun games you always wanted. Their main focus is Ping Pong (they’ve got 6 reservable tables), but they also have board games (Cards of Humanity, Jenga, Checkers, What the Meme), a TV dedicated to Nintendo Classic, beer and wine on tap, a small selection of spirits, snacks and friendly staff who want to make you feel at home in their comfortable surroundings.

Location: 303 Columbia Street
Why go here: Kick back, relax, feel like you’re at home (but a really cool version of your own home)
Sample menu items: Pizza pockets, “you are welcome to order in delivery or bring in outside food”
Hours: Mon: Closed, Tues-Thurs: 4pm – 2am, Fri-Sat: 4pm – 3am, Sun: 4pm-2am

Got any other good places around Vancouver to play board games at? Let us know in the comment section!

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