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Meet DJ O Show aka Orene Askew 

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It’s impossible not to know of Orene Askew – a definite household name stapled in the music scene. We were quite lucky to score a connect with this DJ.

There’s a reason why she called DJ O Show.
Undoubtedly, one will shout,
“O.m.g, I LOVE this song!” in the middle of the dance floor.
Well that’s just our version on what the ‘O’ stands for.

DJ O Show will take you back to old skool/new tracks in the sweetest sweetest transitions. 
Rekindling those old skool dance moves (cue The Big Game with halftime show feat Dre,Mary J.Blige & 50 Cent) that we knew we had in us all along.

“I’ve been making mix CD’s for friends since I was 13 years old. It was really cool when I did that because they would request them and act like it was a big deal when they got one “


Back it up with 15 years of experience and counting ,the fusion of her roots is quite pronounced in her spins. Growing up in a family with an African-American father and an Indigenous mother, “Black music was played all around me all the time,” Askew remembers.
“I love 90’s Hip Hop/R n B”.

So karaoke would mean…?

“Probably something by Color Me Badd or Boyz II Men.”

Of course.

The DJ O Show scene is verry happening.
This year.
Last year.
Matter O’ fact, e.v.e.v.r.y year.

DJ O Show has spinned / MC’d at numerous events from WE Day Vancouver , Gathering Our Voices, Babes on Babes, Canucks and more.

And the pandemic has not slowed down this DJ.
Orene Askew is busy as a business coach and also as an elected member/ Spokesperson for the Squamish Nation Chief & Council.

But wait there’s more…
A Whitecaps commercial starring Orene,
A ‘the O Show’ documentary by Human Biography ( to be released through Storyhive later 2022),
and an R&B track and music video  for ‘Status and Clarity’ (released end of 2022)

A One Womxn show eh?

“I have an amazing support system around me and my partner is a huge part of my success.” she appreciatively admits.
“I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without her motivation.

Plus I Love working on music. The work that I do is a lot of fun so it doesn’t seem like work a lot of the time.” 

How do you feel seeing yourself on the big screen? 

“I’m excited for everyone to see it but mostly I feel like it’s more important for young people to see me on the big screen for representation.”

Ah a soft spot for the youth community. Especially for the Indigenous youth community.
Orene is also, a passionate motivational public speaker who speaks to the younger crowd with the intention of sharing a message that is close to heart :

“You can turn things around. You can lose it all and you can come back from this”


Reflecting on her personal experiences , Orene lost all her belonging during a house fire.
As the flames shot up into the night sky, the sheer shock is overwhelming but that was a
a pivotal moment in Orene’s life. Something inside her ignited her to actively purse her craft as she looked down on her DJ-ing equipment that she had managed to save.

📸 @cbc

Once quoted in an interview, “it’s about them {young people} knowing you can come back from your mistakes. It’s great for me to get up there and for them to see how glamorous my life is right now, but I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve had to work my way up. It’s not all perfect all the time.”

How did it all start? What was your first job?

“Customer Service Champion at Staples North Vancouver, What-What”

What do you love most about this city?

“We live in the most beautiful city in the world. But Whistler is my favourite because it’s part of my People’s territory and it is absolutely beautiful. It feels great to be a person from the Territory to be able to share it with so many people. People want to know more everyday.”

Quick, Who’s your favourite Vancouver DJ in the city?

“I have 2,” DJ O lovingly states, “DJ Marvel from the Freshest Kids and DJ Leanne from Girl on Wax.”

Favourite items in your closet atm?

My DJ O Show Beaded Medallion, my DJ O Show Hat of course & a hoodie usually from @salishstyle.

Most memorable DJ performance?

“That’s a tough question. So many.
One that jumps out to my mind , I was DJing in The Canada House at SXSW in Austin, Texas a few years ago. I was on 4 planes in 24 hrs And I made it back in time for a Council Mtg at the time! “
*Mic drop*

O one more thing, you can add to O’s list of talents …

“I don’t usually tell people this, but I am a really good 10 pin bowler. I used to bowl in leagues and travel to tournaments around BC. My Mom even got me a custom Minnie Mouse ball and it was pink!
It’s quite funny”

Orene flashes her signature mega watts grin.

Follow DJ O Show on instagram.

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