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Bored In Vancouver’s Meet & Greet

Meet Vancouverite, Linda Mendoza

Seymour got curious about this sparkly-eyed Vancouverite & the biggest cheerleader for Love.

It’s easy to believe in the Easter Bunny once you’re in her presence.
Her laughter is the best. It rings long and true.
Actually, one can’t help smile whenever you run into Linda, the founder of Pepita En Canada – a jewelry company based in Vancouver with inspired pieces that shares her Mexican culture through a west-coast lens.

Tid bits of their conversation below.

What makes you laugh?

 I laugh a lot but my dog Canela makes me laugh nonstop!

Life Motto

“I always try to follow Walt Disneys quote: if you dream it you can do it.”

*Ahh,perhaps that’s why there is so much magic and love in Linda”, as Seymour reflects back back on Linda’s life motto.*

Originally from Mexico, Linda moved to Vancouver just before the pandemic.
A hiker during the weekends, an undying love for her boston terrier puppy & a foodie at heart – A budding Vancouverite no doubt.

“I can’t wait to go out, eat at restaurants. Especially Mexican dishes, ”

on looking forward to restrictions slowly lifting of

Best Mexican Restaurant in Vancouver?

Patrón Tacos & Cantina

A Van-RAIN-couver Must Essential in your closet

Hiking shoes and rain gear.

Favorite Hike?

Rainbow Lake! It was just a beautiful hike and an impressive view of icebergs at the end! Lots of things happened on that hike and I loved everything about it.

*Is there a theme happening here?*

Favorite secret rendez-vous?

The mountains.

A secret that Vancouver is not yet awawre about you?
I used to dance so hard to “Who let the dogs”out by Baha Men in high school!

*Now,they both laughed.*

If your fur baby could talk, what would she say about you

She is crazier than me.

*More laughter.*

What’s Pepita en Canada about?

Pepita en Canada is an online jewelry shop that carries eco-friendly jewelry made of stainless steel, silver, rhodium and semi-precious stones.
‘Pepita’ means the smallest seed of a mineral which is what holds everything together.
“Pepita en Canada” is to bring that seed from Mexico to Canada, with love. 

Pepita en Canada has not been around long enough but the dream of starting a jewelry company has been there for a long time. I always wanted to bring something from Mexico and share a piece of my culture to Canada. Pepita en Canada helps me do that. I hope in the very near future, to be able to donate to Mexican indigenous communities with the help of our sales.

I love seeing people wearing Pepita en Canada, it brings me so much happiness in my heart. 
I hope the pieces accompanies new memories in your life. 

You can see more of Linda’s collection on Pepita en Canada or on instagram @pepitaencanada.

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