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Bored In Vancouver’s Dog of the Month

Meet Tato , the Cutest Corgi promenading in Vancouver’s backyard.

Tato the Corgi, Pet of the month - Bpred in Vancouver

Tato is a 2-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi with the quirkiest character who came bouncing into her family, literally …

“When we met the litter, most of the pups were walking around, sniffing, gently playing with each other… except for Tato!Tato was hyper and jumping off her siblings and using them as her personal parkour equipment. We knew right away this crazy puppy was meant for us.”

Tato’s favourite toy…

Balls! She loves playing fetch and can play all day..

Her favourite snack

Umm,Obsessed with carrots much?

*the pictures below states otherwise,We beg to differ Tato’s mom *

Tato’s guilty pleasure

“She loves dirty stinky socks. She’s well behaved but her one naughty behaviour is stealing stinky socks from the laundry and playing with it.”

What’s Tato’s weird little quirk

She loves having other dogs sniff her… down there. She’ll run up to dogs and immediately drop down and roll over to invite them for a sniff *aca-aca-awkard*

An embarrassing moment she wishes you’d forget…

When she was a puppy, she was so excited to see her two doggo friends that she peed herself! Tato doesn’t like to bring that topic up.

Has Tato ever crossed the line with you…(we’ve all been there!)

“When she came to sleep in bed but decided to lay her body across my throat and I woke up not being able to breathe haha…

 Pet of the month - Bpred in Vancouver

Where can we find more of Tato?

She’s got her Instagram @spoiledTato where you’ll find her funny little daily adventures.

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