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Meet Vancouver Doggo, Maddie Mountain Bear

Maddie Mountain Bear Rockies

Maddie Mountain Bear is one beautiful ball of fluff that came into her parent’s (Natasha and Joe) lives in the spring of 2020. As a Samoyed herding dog, Maddie lives her best life climbing mountains, running along beaches and exploring all the beauty of her hometown, Squamish, BC. We caught up with mom, Natasha, where she shared some of Maddie’s cute quirks and most memorable moments.

Maddie’s favourite dog walk…

That has to be climbing up the Chief. She is a natural pro traipsing along the ridges and knows it so well!

Maddie’s favourite toy…

She loves her plush toys, especially her butterfly.

Her guilty little pleasure…

Sleeping in the corner of our bedroom with her paws pressed up high on the wall.

Maddie’s favourite snack

Dried Anchovies or a Kong stuffed with peanut butter and cheese!

What’s Maddie’s weird little quirk

She thinks she’s a human and knows best.

An embarrassing moment she wishes you’d forget…

During a zoomie moment, Maddie used our friend’s Corgi’s back side/ bum as a launch pad. She got a lot of air, but she was definitely crossing a boundary.

Has Maddie ever crossed the line with you…(we’ve all been there!)

Everyday there is something new. The most notorious line being crossed is when she is off-leash and decides she does not want to listen anymore and goes off on her own adventure and will not recall back.

Where can we find more of Maddie?

She’s got her Instagram @maddie.mtnbear where you’ll find the best floof ball photos of her!

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