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Bored In Vancouver’s Meet & Greet

Meet Vancouverite, Diana Choi

Seymour met up with the co-founder and CMO of The Holistic Panda on World Mental Health Day (naturally Seymour’s ears perked up to the word Panda) to dig deep into this interesting character and Vancouverite-You-Need-To-Meet.

A secret that Vancouver is not yet aware of about you…

I have a black belt in Taekwondo, a form of Korean martial art.

A Van-RAIN-couver Must Essential in your closet

My water-proof jacket and duffle bag from RAINS. They keep everything dry!

Guilty pleasure you don’t want your grandma to know of

“I love, love to watch mindless reality tv shows (The Real Housewives or Bachelor in Paradise) always with a glass of wine (or two).”

Name your Vancouver 6-degree separation story

A friend I met through a college classmate knew Lady Gaga (before she became Gaga) when she performed at open mic nights in New York. Apparently she was already incredibly talented back then.

Favorite secret rendez-vous

La Fabrique St-George,shhh

Best Neighbourhood, please try not to be biased

I like Mount Pleasant with the diverse range of eclectic coffee shops, wine bars, and restaurants. I used to live in New York, and it reminds me of Brooklyn or the East Village. 

You’re in Vancouver now Miss Diana Choi… you can be a little biased.
What’s this thing you do in Vancouver?

I co-founded The Holistic Panda! We’re an online booking platform that helps people find and book alternative healing wellness services with culturally competent providers. We help match users to wellness services and practitioners/coaches based on their health goals and cultural preferences, such as languages. We’re also the first Asian-wellness conscious platform with the North Star to help the Asian community destigmatize mental health and find culturally competent providers.

Follow us for our wellness content and health tips from our practitioners @theholisticpanda.

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