All the hills in Vancouver got you huffin’ and puffin’? Maybe it’s time you check out an e-bike to make your next commute a little less sweaty… If the price tag is scaring you away from an e-bike, you’ll be happy to learn about Momentum Mag’s E-Bike Lending Library Lab, a new project that lets you borrow a spiffy e-bike (some with a price tag of over $2,500) for up to two weeks for free!

The project is inspired by the growing interest in e-bikes and the shortage of opportunities for new e-bike riders to try and discover which e-bike best suites their lifestyle.

With the high price tag, the e-bike library is a great way to get a taste of the good life without having to break the bank.

e-bike rental library vancouver

To get a bike, you’ll have to create an account on the Momentum Mag website, request a bike (there are still some times available in late August – September), and then fill out a short survey.

Once your reservation request is approved, you can pick up your bike in a store near the Adanac Bikeway on Mondays or Fridays (10am – 5pm).¬†Sure, you won’t be getting as great of a work out – but nothing feels better than powering up a hill, passing all the spandex-clad, hardcore road bikers without having to break a sweat.

It’s also a great alternative for those who have longer commutes and are tired of the ever-increasing traffic in the city. After your e-bike rental, it may seem a whole lot easier to justify dropping $2,500 on one of these awesome bikes!

Check out Momentum Mag’s E-Bike Lending Library now to request to rent an e-bike for free.

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  1. mare

    The terms and agreement on the site say you have to pay $100 to borrow one – they were doing it for free from May 18 to June 30.

    1. bored in vancouver Listing Owner

      I think that’s a misprint, just got one the other day for free…