Rainy day activities

Bouldering at The Hive Climbing Centre

Location: Vancouver, North Shore & Surrey
Hours: Varies per location
Phone: (604) 683 4483

You are Tom Cruise, sweaty in the desert, trying to cling to a mountainside with no ropes to keep you alive. Then, your grip begins to slide. Damn your sweaty hands! The rock begins to loosen beneath your grip and you fall back into your eventual demise…. oh no, wait. You fall back into a nice cushy mat that saves your body from any pain.

That’s just one of the nice little fantasies you can have while clinging to the climbing wall at The Hive Bouldering Gym

The Hive Bouldering Gym is a different sort of place. If you’ve always wanted to try rock climbing, but are intimidated by the many ropes (and ball-crushing harness), bouldering could be right up your alley. And, for some reason, the fact that there are no ropes somehow makes it easier to climb without getting scared of heights… Oh, and the cushy grey mats help with that fear as well.

The Hive Vancouver is located just past the Budget Towing Lot on Industrial Avenue off Main Street. It’s a medium-sized place that gets pretty busy at popular times of the day.

A good idea is to arrive at 9pm for the late-night discount climb. The music is pumping, the climbing walls are less busy, and it’s cheaper.

The Hive Bouldering Gym is a fun way to get some upper body exercise in a warm, friendly environment. Because the climbs are so close together, you meet new people easily who are more than likely to help you out with your crappy technique.

It’s also very fun if you have active kids who enjoy freaking their parents out. The Hive in North Vancouver is very child-friendly, although they will need a guardian at all times.

There is also another Hive Bouldering Gym in Surrey with another on the way to Coquitlam! You can definitely tell that bouldering is making a huge splash in Vancouver’s climbing scene!

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