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The Burger Challenge

*Warning ; You are about to be bombarded with mouth-watering Burger Galore.
Proceed with caution.

Spend your summer seeking out the best local burgers in Vancouver, hand-picked by the one & only Real Beef Buddies with the second iteration of the Vancouver PattyPass .

The PattyPass runs May 1 through August 31 and offers 50% off one burger at each location. In addition, PattyPass $1 from each PattyPass sold will be donated to the Vancouver Food Bank. 

“Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast.”

Jules WINNFIELD,Pulp Fiction
Burgers - Bored in vancouver

Between 2 Buns

Tucked into a cute little shop in Chinatown, Between 2 Buns is reported to be the best #smashburger in town by… lots of people. These guys have been friends of The Real Beef Buddies since our inception, and we just can’t get enough of their burgs. A nice and simple orchestrated Single Cheeser or Veggie Cheeser with pickles shredduce, and sauce (nomods). We recommend adding a PBR and side of Dirty Fries to get the most of this indulgent experience.  

Burger- Bored in vancouver


New to the Vancouver burger scene, with a sweet little spot in the heart of Mount Pleasant, Blaze Burger’s goal is to bring succulent, savory, gourmet style burgers to the community. Their dedication to quality and locally sourced ingredients is obvious right from the First Bite Feeling. This burg is definitely worth sinking your teeth into. When there are gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options available – there truly is a burger for everyone!

BONUS: Mention ‘BeefBuddies’ on your second visit and get 10% off your order!



The folks at Burgerland have pivoted from DIY burgers in a box to a full-time food truck setup at Main St Brewing, but they have not wavered at all in their intense passion about making the freshest and “bestest” burgers. They use freshly ground natural, grass-fed BC beef in all of their iconic regional smashburger recipes. Bite into their Classic American Cheese Smash, the Oklahoma Fried Onion & Cheese Smash, or something more exotic like the Missouri Guber Peanut Butter Smash. Impossible smashburgers are also available for the non-meat eaters and you’ll be shocked how well they smash!

Cannibal Cafe

Cannibal Café

Stroll down Commercial Drive to Cannibal Café, an authentic Rock ‘N Roll diner serving up the tastiest burgers on the Drive. No, they don’t serve human flesh. Their name comes from a song by Vancouver’s punk rock legends SNFU!

Cannibal uses 3 cuts of BC Certified Organic beef:  Brisket for flavour, ShortRib for its rich marbling and Chuck – ’cause he’s a nice guy.

Their beef is hand-ground daily then cooked to burger perfection. If you’re feeling creative, you can build your own! 

D.I.C.E.D. Discovery Café
D.I.C.E.D. Discovery Café

Beach season is just around the corner, and this hidden gem is going to make it all the more enjoyable. At the bottom of  Discovery Street by Jericho Beach DICED is a “Breakfast, Burger and Beer” establishment with a casual fun atmosphere and picnic tables in the sun. Already known as one of the best burger deals in town, the DICED burger gets even better when you use your PattyPass. Veggie and vegan options available. But wait there’s more! Proceeds from the restaurant are used to support D.I.C.E.D Culinary School in its endeavour to provide affordable and sponsored culinary training programs. 

Downlow Burger at the American
DownLow Chicken Shack

A staple of Main Street in Vancouver, you’ll find DownLow Burgers tucked inside The American. Starting as a Weekly Burger at the Critically Acclaimed Merchants Workshop in East Van and then finding a home on Mondays at the jam packed DownLow Chicken Shack, you could say DownLow Burgers has been in the works for over 5 years. Born of Co-Founder Doug’s love of burgers and inability to get out of work in time to eat the ones he loved in the city, he decided to start making his own. And holy smokes are they ever good! Their patties are made with love exclusively with Two Rivers Meats, 40 day dry aged, and ground fresh daily, and are served on heavenly Livia Potato Buns. All of their burgers can also be made with an Impossible Foods vegan patty.

El Guapo

The Handsome Burger from El Guapo will rock your world. Seriously. This heavenly creation in Yaletown is built with two slim patties, American cheese, pickles, habanero mayo, onions and ketchup. Vegetarians can try the Grilled Zucchini and Seared Halloumi Sandwich… it’s not exactly a burger, but halloumi is so damn good you will not be disappointed! 

El Guapo’s vision is to create a space where the drinks were cold, the food was delicious and everyone felt welcomed. And we’d say they nailed it. They say they take their food as seriously as their margaritas, and given how delicious their burger is, we’d recommend adding a marg! 

Fable Diner & Bar
  • Fable Kitchen
  • Fable Diner & Bar

In the heart of Downtown Vancouver outside the Kingston Hotel on Richards St, head to the newly opened Fable Diner and Bar for an amazing burger made from scratch with locally sourced ingredients. This great new addition combines all the best that Fable in Kits and Fable Diner have to offer in a new location – come and drink, eat and party with the Fable family! Their Veggie Burger is also dope, with a mushroom and quinoa patty, mushrooms, kale, pickles, miso dressing, on a potato bun.

Fable Kitchen

Just off Main Street on Broadway, you’ll find Fable Diner, dedicated to timeless, simple and honest cooking with an innovative and locally sourced menu. You might not expect to find one of Vancouver’s finest burgers at a diner but trust us… this is not your average diner! Their burger is 100% worth the visit with cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, Fable Smashburger, or the Fable Mushroom Veggie burger. Oh lalala

Popina Canteen

Head to picturesque Granville Island and enjoy a great burg with your buds by the water.
Returning as a summer staple on the PattyPass, Popina is about fast food done better. It is the vision of a team of celebrated chefs who came together to serve Vancouver the four things they craved most for it: the perfect lobster roll, the best fried chicken, amazing falafel and a new version of the city’s best burger. Snag a juicy Grassfed BC Beef Cheeseburger with LTP and the shhhh secret sauce from Popina Canteen.
Enjoy your burg al fresco, but watch out for seagulls! (Seriously.)


Just southeast of the beloved steamclock in Gastown, Pourhouse is in a 100 year old building with antique furniture, Douglas fir ceilings, large wood pillars, and brick walls. Their cocktails have an old-fashioned soul, in variations both plain and fancy, and their burgers are absolutely fantastic.

Meet the Double Bacon Cheeseburger, beautifully built with 2 brisket & chuck smash patties, smoked bacon, American cheese, secret sauce, diced onion, pickle, on a potato bun.
What a Poetic Dream!
Alternatively, the Crispy Portabella burger with swiss cheese, tomato jam, truffle mayo, pickled onion, shredduce, sesame seed bun is a Vegetarian’s dream!

The Gull
Burger behind-the-scenes at The Gull

This one’s a bit of a journey from Vancouver, but believe us it is worth it. The Gull is a family-owned eatery  that boasts an inventive food and bar menu, with every product prepared from scratch and ingredients primarily sourced from farms and producers in North Vancouver and BC. Decide whether you want to indulge into the ‘Gull Style’ – caramelized onions, brie, pickles, and pickled mustard seed aioli, or Animal Style with LTP, American cheese, and burger sauce. Mmmm.
Sorry vegetarians… this one is a beef-only burger location. 

Wally’s Burgers
Vintage hot rod reunion at Wally’s Burger joint on Kingsway.
Photo Credit : UPI

The oldest burger joint on the list, Wally’s Burgers has been a Vancouver landmark for 46 years! Back in the day, hot-rodders would meet to show off their cars and gather with friends to chow down on burgers covered in the famous Wally’s sauce. Today you can find them on 49th and Elliot in the Killarney Center, and at Cates Park in North Vancouver.

They’ve got a local butcher who prepares their patties on site, along with a local baker who bakes their buns fresh every day. Use your PattyPass to get 50% off a variety of burgers off their extensive menu. Veggie options are available! Oh, and you can add a wiener. 

Written by Sonia

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