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A Treasure Map of Burgers in Vancouver

Time to celebrate “Octo-burger-fest!

The Real Beef Buddies, creators of the Vancouver PattyPass, have just released a treasure map of Vancouver’s best burgers to celebrate “Octo-burger-fest“!

Who are they you might ask? The Real Beef Buddies, started by Bimal and Sonia, love seeking out the juiciest burgs, made from the highest quality beef, created by people who truly care about their product. Their goal is to highlight local restaurants and chefs who are invested in making great burgs, and to share them with you.

They have tastefully curated three different lists with eight burgers each: smashburgers, classics, and fancies. You can choose your own adventure (“PattyPath”), try out a burger on the list, and rate your experience online to be entered to win cool prizes! 

Burger ratings are based on eight categories: bun, patty, meat-to-bun ratio, toppings, appearance, first bite, last bite, and sloppiness.

Each ranking submitted earns you an entry. Bonus entries will be awarded to those who manage to eat all eight in the month of October. Once the rankings are in, one restaurant from each category will be awarded “Best in Class”. 

“This has been an annual tradition for us for many years”.

Every October we sit down and decide on eight interesting burgers – some new discoveries and some old favorites – and then go try them out! We started inviting our friends and co-workers to participate, and developed a rating system (the PattyPlot) to decide on a winner. This year we stepped it up a few notches, opening it up to the whole city with multiple routes. We’re excited to see the results!” – The Real Beef Buddies

Check out the Octoburgerfest 2021 PattyPaths below!

The Smashes

Four burgers in Vancouver
Photo: @Between2BunsBurgers 

Oil up your beard and throw on a toque before heading out to critique Vancouver’s finest smashburgers. Enjoy these simple, savory, and supple treats full of crispy maillard goodness:

  1. Bells and Whistles: Royale with Cheese
  2. Between 2 Buns: Cheeseburger
  3. Brewhall: Cheeseburger
  4. Burgerland Smashup: Classic Cheese
  5. Mimi’s Burgers: Mimi’s Cheeseburger
  6. Pigot’s Burger Club: Cheeseburger
  7. Red Wagon Cafe: Bash Burger
  8. The Whip: Whip Smash Burger

The Classics

Burger in Vancouver with fries
Photo: @fablediner

Consider packing a bib on your journey through some of Vancouver’s best classic style burgers. This dependable,  juicy, and scrumptious path is guaranteed to fill your hands and your belly.

  1. The Cannibal Café: American Classic
  2. DownLow Burgers: The Americana
  3. The Ellis: Ellis Burger
  4. Fable Diner: Main Street Burger
  5. Linh Café: Burger
  6. Popina Canteen: Grass Fed BC Cheeseburger
  7. The Magnet: Magnet Burger
  8. Storm Crow: Gamma Burger

The Fancies

Burger in Vancouver on table
Photo: @persesocialcorner

Put on a shirt with buttons, and maybe even wash your hair before going out to treat yo-self to some of Vancouver’s most indulgent fancy burgers. Expect quality ingredients, unique composition, and elegant presentation. And eat them with at least one pinky finger up.

  1. Au Comptoir: Burger Maison Frites
  2. Gotham Steakhouse & Bar: Gotham Bacon Cheddar Burger (LUNCH ONLY)
  3. Hawksworth Restaurant: Hawksworth Classic Burger
  4. Per Se Social Corner: The Burger
  5. Pourhouse: The Pourhouse Burger
  6. The Victor: Brant Lake Wagyu Burger
  7. The Red Accordion: TRA Burger
  8. Five Sails: Five Sails Burger (LUNCH ONLY)

Do you think you can eat eight burgers in a month?

Head to The Real Beef Buddies to plan your route and enjoy a great burg with your buddies.

Don’t forget to share photos on Instagram! Tag @the.real.beef.buddies and the participating location. Rate the burger to enter to win a Real Beef Buddies tank top.

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