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Canoeing to Widgeon Falls

We are lucky to be in a province where it’s pretty easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city with just a short roadtrip to the suburbs. It’s pretty rare to be able to combine a relaxing canoe trip with a nice little hike in the woods to arrive at a picturesque waterfall. However, Pitt Meadows makes it possible – who would’ve thought!?

Take a trip out to Pitt Lake (takes about an hour from Vancouver – Driving Directions) with the Canoe Rental Hut as your ultimate destination. You will get lost. It gets really foggy around there sometimes for some reason. You may feel like you’re in a horror movie. Just keep heading down Rannie Road until you eventually you get to Pitt Lake! Try and arrive early as the parking lot gets full really quickly.

If you don’t have a canoe yourself, you can rent one from Pitt Lake Canoe Rentals, a small little rental operation that is run by a guy from his trailer. They only have 24 canoes and rent them on a first come, first serve basis. Call 604-836-7117. Rentals cost less than $50 per day.

widgeon lake canoe trip

Pitt Lake is one of the only tidal lakes in the world, which means that this canoe trip can get a little sketchy if you’re doing it in the middle of summer. Plan to leave early and go with the tides, unless you want to be dragging a canoe over a very shallow rock bed.

Last comes the fun part, hopping into a canoe and trying to figure out how to go in a straight line! If you’ve never paddled a canoe before, it could take some getting used to. Paddle hard straight across the wide Pitt Lake area and go straight towards the Widgeon Slough. Continue along this tranquil waterway and ogle at the scenery – keep your eyes peeled for shallow areas this water is COLD, you want to spend the least amount of time as possible wading around in it.

After paddling for a while, you’ll eventually come to a fork in the creek – stay left and continue paddling and eventually you will arrive at the campsite. You can camp here if you want, or just park your canoe for the day and continue on your quest for Widgeon falls. There is a very easy trail to follow that will bring you to your final destination. Don’t forget to pack a big lunch, and make sure to bring a bathing suit!

Note: When you’re doing the return trip, be advised that Pitt Lake gets VERY busy with BIG boats. The canoe across the last little section can be harrowing and stressful. Puts a damper on a great day! Try and get across as fast as possible. Hopefully your canoe skills have been upgraded by then!

widgeon falls canoe trip

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