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Cheap Massages in Vancouver

Getting a massage is wonderful. Probably one of the best feelings in the world. Unfortunately, getting a massage is also expensive. Expensive and luxurious and over too quickly.

For those of us who complain of back pain every day but can’t afford the luxury of a regular masseuse, there’s a cheaper option to get your kicks.

Three cheers for students! They provide us with cheaper haircuts, dental visits, and now… massages.

The Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage has a student clinic which is open to the public October through June.

The cheap massages are simply awesome and come without the worry about having to visit some sketchy, happy-ending-esque massage parlour with a weird, slightly sexual name.

You’ll be paying:

  • 60 minute bodywork and massage = $33
  • 90 minute bodywork and massage = $43
  • 90 minute hot stone massage = $50
  • 60 minute shiatsu massage = $33
  • 10 pack of 60 minute treatments = $297
  • 10 pack of 90 minute treatments = $387

Keep in mind, these are students. So you can’t expect perfection. It’s best to book your appointment online because this service is quite popular.

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