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Cliff jumping in North Vancouver

First things first, cliff jumping is dangerous.

There have been many deaths and injuries in North Vancouver (and around the world) related to cliff jumping, so if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe – DON’T DO IT.

However, it’s a pastime that many people have been doing for ages. If you’re looking for locations to do it, North Vancouver and the surrounding areas offer plenty of cliff jumping options for you to discover.

What you do with this information is your own prerogative. Be safe, jump with a friend, and remember that there are a lot of hazards in the wilderness. The water is cold. There are slippery rocks. People may peer pressure you into doing something you’re not comfortable with (fuck those people). Above all, trust your gut!

Lynn Canyon Cliff Jumping

If you are just interested in watching other people risk their lives by jumping off cliffs, Lynn Canyon in Lynn Valley is the place to be. From the parking lot, cross the suspension bridge, turn left and walk until you hit the watering hole. Every summer this glacial creek turns into a haven for cliff jumpers. There is a huge cliff, medium jump, and a baby plunge off a rock. The cliff jumpers of Lynn Valley get extra props for jumping into the BONE-CHILLING glacier water that gives you a brain freeze just by looking at it.

There are a few other cliffs to jump in Lynn Valley Canyon. But, as the signs all point out. They have killed a lot of people and are incredibly risky to try.

Granny’s Cove in Capilano Canyon

Another great cliff-jumping option is at “Granny’s Cove”, located in the Capilano Canyon near the Capilano Suspension Bridge. It’s down a big hill, near the second parking lot. A great, secluded area that is popular with teens and twenty-somethings, Granny’s Cove is a fun option to try. There are four different cliffs to jump, and this number is only limited by your imagination.

Much like Lynn Valley, Granny’s Cove has water that will leave you chilled for days. Make sure it’s hot when you jump–it’s VERY HARD to walk back up the GIANT HILL when your whole body is numb and your legs feel like jelly. Bring a lawn chair, snacks and beverages, and your dog to spend the whole day in this secluded haven. Don’t forget to clean your mess when you leave.

Lion’s Bay Cliff Jumping in West Vancouver

One of the best options for cliff jumping in Vancouver is in Lion’s Bay, a short drive (or long bus ride) from downtown. The location is fairly difficult to find (walk along the railroad tracks in the direction back towards Vancouver), and is very popular with locals. Ie: You better be friendly, or you’ll get snubbed.

Lion’s Bay cliff jumping is the ultimate set up. High cliffs that aren’t TOO high, a diving board, a slide, a rope swing, and a little net to sit in. Jumping into the ocean is saltier, but slightly warmer, than the North Vancouver cliff jumps. It couldn’t get much better than this–if you can find it, that is.

Be careful when trying to find this cliff jumping location, as the RCMP regularly hand out tickets for walking on the train tracks on sunny days. If you have access to a boat, you can also get to the cliffs from the water.

Check out this handy map for more locations: Cliff Jumping Locations in and around Vancouver. And always remember: Be safe, don’t be a statistic!

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