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Climb the Secret Tree

There’s a tree that is one of the best secret spots in Vancouver. This tree, perfect for climbing and popular with locals, has branches that are perfectly spaced out for access to its upper reaches (if you’re feeling brave).

Best of all… this tree, the most wonderfullest of trees, also has a few add-ons that truly make it spectacular. They’re always changing, as swings get removed hammocks get put back up, as buckets get taken down, tire-swings go up…

Perfect for a first date, perfect for a 100th date, perfect for a couple of friends who just want to sit around somewhere other than the bar. Perfect for adventurers and climbers and those who are slightly afraid of heights but love trying new things.

The branches are worn down from years and years of people climbing, yet the tree stays strong, keeping us entertained and giving us a special place to take people we really want to impress.

Check out this secret of Vancouver for yourself. We’re not going to tell you exactly where it is (to add to the adventure!) but when you get there, you’ll know…. A few hints on the location:

  1. You can ride the Canada Line to get close enough
  2. Forget about the queen, this secret tree is closer to a King…
  3. I mean, it’s got a tire swing in it – how hard could it be to find!?

Note: We’ve sent quite a few people on the adventure of tracking down this wonderful tree. We believe in sharing information on secrets of Vancouver because sometimes it leads to cool things. (Props to the people that put the hammock back and a tire swing up). HOWEVER with the rise of people going to the tree, there’s also been a huge spike in GARBAGE. Not cool people, not cool at all. If you do find the tree, PLEASE do not treat it like a garbage dump. Clean up your trash and maybe pick up a few things that other unintelligent people left behind. Good luck on your adventure.

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