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Clothing optional nude beaches in Vancouver

Thought there was only one nude beach in Vancouver? You thought wrong, my friend! Turns out there are at least three known nude beaches in Vancouver (and one club on the top of a mountain). So if you want to hang out with your wang out but don’t want to run into anyone you know, there are a few options for you to try.

1. Wreck Beach

The old faithful, Wreck Beach is known for its awesome setting, party atmosphere, and laid back vibes. If you’re into getting naked and hanging out with lots of people, this is a good place to go. However, the likelihood of seeing a neighbour or a colleague is much higher if you’re a little shy.

Tip: Keep walking around the point if you want a bit of peace and quiet, stick to the left of the beach (facing the water) if you want a more laid back vibe. The hardcores tend to stick to the centre/right of the beach.

If you’re really nervous: Got stage fright? Head to Tower Beach to drop trow in a much more secluded (but rocky) area.

Location: The staircase starts on Marine Drive behind UBC in Point Grey.

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2. Crescent Rock Beach

Probably one of the best things in Surrey is the popular and beautiful Crescent Beach. According to Clothing Optional BC, the beach has actually been used by nude sunbathers for more than 50 years.

Just South of Crescent Beach at the beginning of Crescent Rock Beach is a 200m strip of shoreline protected by bluffs and hidden from view of the train tracks and main beach. The view is west across Mud Bay towards Tsawwassen, making for beautiful sunsets. The water gets deeper much faster than at Crescent Beach and is more suitable for swimming. While pebbly, the beach has nice sandy patches for lying on, plus lots of wildlife and tranquility. The huge boulder, for which Crescent Rock Beach is named, marks the starting point of this beach section and the beginning of Crescent Rock Beach.

At the Mile 126 marker on the railway (and out of sight from the trains), raised beach beds have been constructed above the high-tide mark. Naturists have been coming to this spot for years to nude sunbathe and for skinny-dipping.

Location details: More information located here…

3. Barnston Island

A very unique option to bare it all, Barnston Island (known as Barnston Bare Beach) became an official historic nude beach in 2009. The sandy beach changes with the height of the Fraser but during most of the year a flat expanse of sand is ringed with a mound of sand, making it popular for playing nude volleyball.

The best way to access Barnston Island is to leave your car behind and take a 5 minute ride on the free tugboat ferry across Parsons Channel. You can then take a very scenic 9.8km bike ride around the entire island.

If possible, plan on leaving your car on the mainland and taking your bike for this very scenic 9.8 km ride around the entire island. The nude beach is located at the eastern point of Barnston Island on the Fraser River across from Port Kells.

Bonus: Even if you don’t want to go nude, this island is an awesome place for a fun day trip with a bicycle! Pack a picnic and take a tour of the island, it’s nice and flat so you won’t get too tired.

Location Details: More information available here

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