Hi, I’m Stephanie Michelle Scott

Stephanie M Scott has lived, laughed, and fallen in love with the lower mainland’s many hidden places and experiences. Moving here in 2000 she started her adventures in film production witnessing firsthand the diversity of BC’s unforgettable backdrops and how they can inspire endless creativity. In early 2010 she discovered the world of mystery and puzzle adventures. Instantly hooked she is always on the search for opportunities to look behind the curtain, or support events where brain teasers mash up with places real and imagined.

You’ll find her at interactive art installations and events, and taking part in escape rooms, geocaches, ARGS, and crafting groups that like to invent participatory ways to showcase shared passions. Love a puzzle? Find me @wildfireeffect and share your story.

Want to get in touch? Please don’t hesitate to reach out at

Contributor Bored in Vancouver