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Dance Dance Party Party

Dance like nobody is watching, because nobody is! Dance Dance Party Party is a wonderfully-named weekly event that gathers the self-conscious dancers, the crazy dancers, and the innovative dancers, and throws them together into a room of … dancing!

This dance party is just for girls and is held Tuesday Nights at the Mount Pleasant Community Centre. It’s a great way to get your sweat on and practice dancing in a non-judgmental space free of skeezy dudes and drunken mistakes.

The “class” is all about doing your own thing. So instead of having to stare at an instructor and fumble at each move that is taught (cough*Zumba*cough) YOU are the boss .. of yourself.

During the class a playlist of groovy songs goes on for an hour and you are free to do your own thing. It’s like dancing alone in your room naked, but in a crowd of people and with your clothes on. The class is open for females 16+ and cost $20 for four sessions (only $5 for each class!) You can also drop-in for just $7 a class.

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