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Discover Dine Out Vancouver Festival with Greek Cuisine

Written by Stephanie Michelle Scott

Greek Cuisine

Vancouver loves Dine out Vancouver Festival

This 20 year old festival is considered the largest and most widely attended in all of Western Canada.
What makes it so anticipated? 
The food? 
The excitement of a new experience shared amongst good company? 
The opportunity to adventure your taste buds in a rich delectable setting and in an affordable manner?

Well, maybe.

I’ll venture a guess that the reason our raincity tribe loves this festival so much is because it’s how our favorite new places are discovered. We hunger for food adventures where we discover hidden gems with fresh local talent year after year .

I walked through the doors of Gino’s.
On a weekday, during a pandemic, just after 5pm I found myself in a full restaurant.
Good sign right? 

On one wall, ceiling to chair rail, a mural somewhat familiar filled with classic Vancouverscape landmarks paying tribute to some of our favourite memories. But as unique as this wall decor remains, the painting did not define Gino’s as one of Vancouver hidden treasures.

Celebrating traditions, yet uniquely catered

It was how Gino’s was presented when my eyes were closed that did it.
Immersing myself in the slightly familiar tastes of subtly spiced chicken souvlaki that my tastebuds know of.
The rushed shuffle of one of the servers crossing the room to deliver a forgotten purse to a local she knew by name. 
The laughs of a multi-generational party of four entering to a quick chat and warm introductions.
The soft background of 1980’s hits.

At Gino’s Restaurant, Dine out menu $ 21.00

Tzatziki or Hummus and pita
Baked Lasagna and meatballs

see more of Gino’s restaurant Menu at Dine Out,431 e.columbia st,new wes

Since 1972

The locals have been showing up to Gino’s for quite some time . The locals have been coming to be called by their FIRST name, coming to enjoy the “there-is-no-weird-request” service.
Gino’s felt both essential and nothing-special, but the type of nothing-special done exactly how you love it. 

Wherever Dine-out Vancouver takes you, I hope you find a place to return.
This month, Dine out Greek! Check out more options below:

At The Greek Gastown

Dine out menu $40.00
Kotopita Greek chicken pie stuffed with seasonal veggies, saganaki cheese and chicken, served with Greek salad
Baklava Fingers layers of filo, nuts and spices, served with ice cream of the day

see more of THe Greek Gastown’s Menu at Dine Out, 221 Carrall st, Gastown

At The Greek by Anatoli

Dine out menu $ 40.00

Vegan Greek Salad: fresh tomatoes cucumbers, peppers, and onions, with coconut feta capers, and olives

Chocolate Mousse: with caramel sauce and pistachios

At Maria Taverna’s

Dine out menu $26.99
Avgolemono – A light and velvety, chicken, egg, and lemon soup, with orzo

Kleftiko – lamb shoulder. Served with Greek salad, rice, and roasted potatoes.

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