Drink out of a flowerpot at the Afghan Horsemen

Location: #202 – 1833 Anderson St. (2nd floor)
Vancouver, BC
Hours: Mon – Thurs: 5pm – 10pm, Fri & Sat: 5pm – 11pm, Sun: 5pm – 10pm
Phone: (604) 873-5923

The Afghan Horsemen is a hidden gem of a restaurant just outside Granville Island that serves Afghani cuisine in a lively setting. Great for group dinners or for a fun date night, you can also reserve a spot in the “Pillow Room” for a dining experience like no other in Vancouver.

Although the main draw is the food, one of the highlights is the drinks menu, which offers the option to order “The Mighty Horsemen”. A sweet, fruity drink of your choice served in a flower pot. Yes, a flower pot.

If you’re really into drinking, you could also try mentioning the “Mega Mighty Horsemen” that one of the waiters and his cousins enjoy by themselves. This HUGE monstrosity is meant to serve 6 people and packs a powerful punch.

Aside from the flower pots, the food is GREAT. The platters feature chicken, beef and lamb that are juicy and rich. If you’re not into meat, the hummus is fabulous and the fried potato slices are amazing with the addictive white dipping sauce.

On weekend nights, the Afghan Horsemen turns into a party with a belly dancer providing a side of entertainment with your food. If you have enough flowerpots, maybe you’ll be brave enough to join her. Try and reserve a spot in the pillow room for a more interesting way to eat dinner. Oh and just a friendly reminder: WEAR CLEAN SOCKS.

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