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Eat the Bobby Wing: the hottest chicken wing in town

Ah, chicken wings. Those saucy, delicious, plate-piled-high little bundles of meaty joy. But, Wings Restaurant asks us, what is the point of eating chicken wings if they’re not burning a hole inside your mouth?

Honey garlic? Sweet Thai? Salt and Pepper?? Please. You haven’t experienced chicken wings until you’ve quavered before the likes of the Bobby Wing featured at Wings on Granville (and 10 other locations around the Lower Mainland).

Who is Bobby and why has he created a wing of such tongue-burning magnitude that you need to sign a waiver just to eat it? Perhaps he is an old Wings chef who grew tired of the crowds constantly complaining about how their wings were “putting my mouth to sleep” or “not making me feel like chugging a glass of milk”.

Whoever this Bobby character may be, he sure knows how to turn up the chicken wing heat. Any visit to Wings on Granville is incomplete without at least one person at your table trying this crazy heat-packed wing. Get bragging rights for life by signing your name on the dotted line and permitting Wings to serve you a part of the chicken that may leave you in the hospital. Seriously. Don’t believe us? Go on, try it.

Yes, this chicken wing comes with a release form… Just a small warning, you may cry. But, always remember, the mouth-on-fire feeling is fleeting; bragging rights last forever.

Wings Restaurant also has locations in: Terrace, Rutland, Vernon, Quesnel, Kelowna, White Rock, Surrey, Langley, Edmonton, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Abbotsford, and a roving food truck. More info is on their website.

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