Think you can face your fears? Fearmongers is Vancouver’s first fully immersive haunted house that will take you through the horrors of Greek Mythology in a space that’s over 12,000 sqft. As you navigate through Greece you will have to beware as several areas are equipped with traps to stop you, monsters to chase you and obstacles you must overcome. Try not to get separated from your group as you climb out of the pits of Hades…

We’re giving away 2 free VIP Tickets to the Fearmongers Haunted House and you have a chance to experience something unique this Halloween in Vancouver…

Regular tickets will get you into this terrifying haunt (portion of the proceeds go to the BC Children’s Hospital. VIP Tickets (what you’ll get) gives you the opportunity to experience a room from next year’s haunt, before anyone else.

If that isn’t already cool enough, after you’re done slogging through the haunt you roll out into a beautiful VIP lounge and are immediately met with an ice cold Granville Island beer and some delicious grub for completing the long journey.

To enter to win 2 free VIP tickets to the Fearmongers Haunted House, simply:

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Leave a Reply

  1. Natalie Vermaas

    Things that pop out and you can’t see them coming! Let’s be honest, the dark 🙂

  2. Michelle W

    Zombies! Creepy Possessed Dolls!

  3. jennifer R

    Clowns, clowns, clowns, so freaky!!!!!

  4. Leanne S

    Things that I can hear but I can’t see freak me right out.

  5. Tiffany Kalanj

    ghosts. why isn’t everyone saying ghosts too!

  6. Vivien

    Opps – I did not read properly earlier. Snakes or something jumping out scares me most!

  7. Melissa

    The dentist. As long as nothing in there attempts to give me a root canal, I think I can take it.