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Vancouver’s newest nightlife craze is the Escape Room Game Experience, several different versions of which have popped up in Richmond and Vancouver within the last few months. Already popular in Asia, Escape Room Experiences are 5-D games wherein you are locked in a room and forced to solve a mystery or finish a series of challenges before being let out.

The twist? You’re being timed, and 45 minutes flies by when you’re trying to solve a murder.

The escape room game experience is a great way to spend an evening with friends, or an even better way to pass an extremely boring rainy day in Vancouver. So far, most of the Escape Game Rooms have a very low success rate, and it is likely you’ll need to go back a few times in order to actually succeed in escaping any rooms.

Escape Rooms in Vancouver:

#100-289 Abbott Street in Gastown
$25 each per game
4 – 15 people per game
5 different themed escape rooms. Great stories behind the rooms and hosts stay in character. Very immersive experience.

E-Exit West Broadway
309 West Broadway
$24 each per game
2 – 6 people per game
4 different themed escape rooms. Very creepy experience with rooms like Butcher shop, Circus and Transylvania.

i-Exit Vancouver
1129 Granville Street, Vancouver
$30 each per game
2 – 6 people per game
Extremely technically advanced, great location on the Granville strip downtown.

150 West Hastings, Vancouver
No pricing listed on website
2 – 8 people per game
You will feel like James Bond, dodging lasers and going on incredible missions. Very reliant on teamwork.

Locked Canada
1050 Kingsway, Vancouver
$25 + tax per game
2 – 8 people per game
Handcuffs, flashlights and great puzzles that will have you cursing your friends or wringing your hands in panic.

Find and Seek Puzzle Adventure Escape Rooms
2075 – 88 West Pender (Tinseltown Mall)
$24 per person
1-10 people per game
Immersive stories and adventures in a series of rooms (different chapters coming soon), different from the same old combination safe + lock & key escape rooms.

Escape Rooms in Richmond

Xscape Vancouver
Unit #200 – 7800 Alderbridge Way, Richmond.
$22 + Tax per game
4 – 10 people per game
The background music definitely gets you sweating as the timer ticks down and you still aren’t close to solving anything.

E-Exit Garden City
Shop 2115 – 4653 Garden City Road, Richmond
$24 + Tax per game
2 – 4 people per game
4 different escape rooms: The Lost Ship, Ancient Egypt, Prison Escape, Laboratory Escape

E-Exit Beckwith
9111 Beckwith Road, Richmond BC
$29 per game
2 – 10 people per game
SEVEN themed rooms including a Boss Room to really make you feel like you’re in a video game.

Freeing Canada Station
Unit 173 11860 Hammersmith Way, Richmond
$22+Tax or $20 mon-thursday before 6pm and after 10pm
2 – 10 people per game
Very unique gaming rooms with the most difficult room allowing 6 – 10 players, perfect for a party.

#170-12571 Bridgeport Road, Richmond
$25 each
Groups of 4 or more are recommended
Large-scale mechanical room escape games. Larger groups are recommended to solve these creepy brain teasers.

Time Escape
#140-3471 No. 3 Road, Richmond
$23.30 each
2 – 6 people per game
A huge variety of puzzles and themes that will have you coming back for more.

Myst Escape
#140 – 6851 Elmbridge Way, Richmond
$25 per game
4 – 12 people per game
Escape rooms that will give you nightmares including a Saw themed room and “Haunted School”.

8960 River Drive #1, Richmond
$30 each per game
4 – 10 people per game
Very immersive games that will transport you to another world, that’s creepy and stressful. Some games have a 0% success rate!

Other escape rooms in Lower Mainland

4035 North Road, Burnaby
$22 each per game
2 – 6 people per game
Live actors make the game experience that much more exciting, testing your intelligence to get your heart pounding.

Trapped Coquitlam
Unit 9 – 1300 Woolridge Street, Coquitlam
$28 per player, $25 if you book online
2 – 10 players
A 5-D Trapped experience with themes that include an ancient pyramid, medieval prison, contaminated hospital and more…

Which one was your favourite? Did we forget to include a location or is any of this information outdated? Let us know in the comment section.

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