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November 13, 2023 @ 8:00 am - November 18, 2023 @ 5:00 pm

Promethean Theatre‘s World Premiere of Tragedy, Slander, & Wine plays November 13-19 at The NEST on Granville Island, 1398 Cartwright St. 3rd Floor.
Admission starts at $20.00.
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Evenings: November 13, 15-18 @7:30 PM
Matinees: November 15 @1pm; November 18-19 @2pm
Artist Talkbacks: November 18, November 19 @2pm
Student Matinee: November 15 @1pm
Pay-What-You-Can Preview: November 13 @7:30pm
Theatre and film elements converge in the World Premiere of Tragedy, Slander, & Wine, a murder mystery without a murderer.The residents of a small BC town gather in their local community theatre to watch the Opening Night of a new play. The play ends in a tragedy.
Literally. An actor actually dies onstage.
The media circus pounces on the story, turning the quaint community into a hotspot for true crime tourists. Conspiracy theory junkies brand everyone in the town as a suspect. The finger-pointing grows so rampant that the victim’s sister, Shannon (Mai Stone), can’t even have a healthy relationship with her own mother. Shannon’s longtime friend Alec (Drew Ogle) promises to help Shannon replenish her image in the public eye and shed her status as a pariah. But they find out that manipulating the media is harder than they anticipated. They have to get past power-hungry reporter Penelope (Sophia Paskalidis) and gatekeeping publicist Colin (David Underhill). Soon, Shannon uncovers a secret plot that upends everything she thought she knew about the tragedy.
What really happened to her sister? And can this deadly event repeat?
One of the unique aspects of Tragedy, Slander, & Wine is the ways it innovates multimedia storytelling. Promethean Theatre hired Vancouver theatre and film artists to film interviews with the townsfolk in the style of true crime. The audience watching the play will see these interviews played alongside the onstage action. As a result, the production will feature an eclectic mix of mediums and genres, including comedy, mystery, and mockumentary. Many of the creative team had to learn new trades quickly. For example, director Larisse Campbell had to step out of her theatrical comfort zone to master the art of creating a film shot list. Sound designer Ty Dumoulin noted how inspiring it was to hold a boom when filming the interviews, a process that he already had some experience in. Props designer Ana Pflug was shocked by how scrappy she had to become because, working primarily in film, she was used to the movie industry’s inflated budget lines.
David Volpov began writing the play during the pandemic. He said, “I felt troubled by how quickly conspiracy theories spread. I saw this cycle repeat after each major world event. Our abilities to engage in meaningful discourse eroded while our reliance on bias-confirming news increased. With so much misinformation online nowadays, how is anyone supposed to parse through what’s fact and what’s fiction? That’s the question I try to explore in Tragedy, Slander, & Wine.” During the pandemic, Volpov found a unique parallel: Tiger King. He said “Tiger King really opened my eyes to how I consume media. I had no actual evidence to suggest Carole Baskin was complicit in her husband’s death, but that’s what everyone was talking about on social media. The filmmakers convinced people it was true. I realized that true crime connects with what I wanted to explore in Tragedy, Slander, & Wine. So, the play is a mystery where media intervention and technology muddies the facts instead of solving the case.”

Promethean Theatre invites urgent dialogue about media literacy by presenting a Student Matinee for Tragedy, Slander, & Wine. We will partner with Ground News to provide teachers with educational resources they can use to spark meaningful discourse about the role of the media in our society. As our Community Outreach Sponsor, Ground News will also supply affordable Student Matinee tickets to high schools in the Lower Mainland. Ground News is a platform that makes it easy to compare news sources, read between the lines of media bias and break free from algorithms.

Sophia Paskalidis (Penelope), Drew Ogle (Alec), Mai Stone (Shannon), David Underhill (Colin)
Additional Film Performances: Erin Aberle-Palm, Angela Chu, Dylan Floyde, Jimmy Hong, Jamie Ives, Vuk Prodanovic, and Yasmin Tayob

Larisse Campbell
 (Director), Sarah Kelen (Assistant Director), Lava Xu (Stage Manager), Cecilia Vadala (Set Designer), Chloe Zhang (Lighting Designer), Ty Dumoulin (Sound Designer and Composer), Joelle Wyminga (Costume Designer), Ana Pflug (Props Designer), Bruna Xavier (Videographer), Ian Tan (Film Editor), Zain Khudhur (Technical Director)
Produced by Promethean Theatre: Vivek Lal, Isaac Li, Trisha Li, Diyalla Malijian, Mikenzie Page, Marcus Vaillant, and David Volpov
This performance features mature content, including references to substance abuse, murder, and suicide. Recommended for audience members age 16+

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November 13, 2023 @ 8:00 am
November 18, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
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