Celebrating your birthday soon or know someone who will be in the next few days/months? Why not spend the day going around Vancouver trying to get birthday freebies.

Recently, two guys went around the city to do just that, scoring as much free stuff as possible. They ended up getting around $135 of freebies from local businesses including Denny’s, Cypress Mountain, The Hive, Marble Slab Creamery, Pajos, E-Exit Escape Room and more.

Check out the video below of how successful these dudes were in getting free stuff for their birthday in Vancouver! It’s the ultimate adventure and a really good idea.

If you’re interested in doing as they do, you can also check out this huge list of Free Stuff You Can Get on Your Birthday for Canadians. How much free stuff can you score?

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  1. SDM

    Always nice to get freebies on your birthday

  2. allison

    Hey! Thanks for the tips, definitely trying that on my big day tomorrow! You can also get a free dance class at the Harbour dance center on granville if you are registered in their system!