Friday late night movies at the Rio Theatre

Location: 1660 East Broadway, Vancouver, BC
Hours: 10:30pm – 11:00pm depending on schedule
Phone: 604.879.3456

You know when you’re sitting in your living room, watching your favourite movie for the 100th time by yourself, and you really really really wish you were surrounded by other people who appreciated the movie as much as you did? (Dude….!)

Or maybe you’re sitting on your living room couch, next to your cat, wearing your best Wayne’s World costume, and your cat doesn’t even appreciate the effort that you put into it. She doesn’t even know how long it took you to find that hat.

Maybe these situations have never happened to you. Maybe both have happened to you. Maybe you should just check out The Rio Theatre’s late night movies on Friday nights.

It’s got everything you could ever want:
– Cheap tickets
– Booze
– Hyper-into-it hipsters in costume
– Yummy, delicious, buttered popcorn

The Rio Theatre hosts late night movies for adults (19+ only), so you won’t have any kids kicking the back of your seat and crying (that’s just that annoying drunk guy). The movies shown are classics, the kind that you haven’t watched since you had a VCR and a non-HD TV.

Tickets are only $8 in advance or $10 at the door. So, if you’re looking for a fun, cheap way to please your date, the Rio Theatre Friday Late Night Movies are where it’s AT.

Check out the full schedule of movies on the Rio Theatre website.

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