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Friday Night Perogie Suppers

As soon as you enter the church you are greeted with the over-powering smell of potatoes and cheese. It’s delicious. Your mouth will instantly begin to water. Your stomach will start grumbling in anticipation. You must do anything you can to get a perogie in your mouth.

Perogie night at the Holy Trinity Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral in Vancouver only comes on one glorious day: the first Friday of every month. Friendly volunteers, young families, twenty-somethings, senior citizens and business people in suits all flock to the church in order to enjoy a heaping plate full of Ukrainian food specialties. It’s something that everyone in Vancouver needs to try at least twenty times.

Doors open at exactly 5:00pm, but typically a line starts to form outside the church at around 4:30. Luckily, the event runs until around 8pm, but it’s better to get there early. (What if the perogies run out!?). By the way, enter through the left side of the front door, the right side lineup is for take-out orders.

Friday night suppers work like this: You get in, meet the friendly host, get shown to a table (they fit around 8 people at each table, so you’ll get to meet new people), fill out the menu order form and finally, line up.

The line up to reach the food circles the entire room, but it only takes around 15-20 minutes to get through it. Unfortunately, you’ll be stuck with your mouth-watering while watching other people devour their perogies. It’s worth the wait.

Check out the UOC Vancouver website for the next Friday Night Supper.

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