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Glamping near Vancouver

To some, camping is the ultimate in relaxation. It’s exciting sleeping under the stars in a mesh tent, surrounded by nature. Wake up, roast a weenie, make a fire, etc… To others, camping is not an option. Whether it’s the uncomfortable foam mattress, the dewy and damp morning wakeup call, or just the otherworldly smell that comes from the deep pit of unmentionables in the outhouse, there’s no shortage of complaints to be found.

We get it, camping can suck sometimes. Especially when you wake up in a puddle and have to spend the morning crouched underneath a smelly tarp to cook your breakfast. (Yes, we also recognize some people love this sort of thing). Enter: glamping. A solution for getting you outside to enjoy nature, without having to deal with the hassle of figuring out where that extra metal pole goes in your already assembled tent.

For those who are willing to pay a bit extra for a luxurious camping experience, you can enjoy a solid (but still tent-like) roof over your head and be surrounded by nature while still benefiting from the luxuries of city life. If you’re ready to experience camping like you never thought possible, check out some of these amazing glamping resorts near Vancouver to consider for your next vacation:

glamping in vancouver

Camp in an Airstream trailer on Pender Island

A unique camp experience located near the Otter Bay Ferry Terminal on Pender Island. Woods on Pender offers you rustic Gulf Island charm with the luxury of staying in an Airstream camper van or retro trailer (or cabin & lodge). There are hammocks, fire pits, a coffee + kitchen restaurant, BBQ’s and much more, all culminating in the ultimate place for unwinding with a shiny, metal roof over your head.

Location: Pender Island, BC
Average cost per night: $200 – 250 a night for the Airstream, $100 – $165 for the retro trailer
Capacity: Airstream sleeps 2 adults/2 children, retro trailer sleeps 2 adults
Perks of glamping: Hammocks and a hot tub along with gourmet pizza and cold beer on a deck surrounded by tall trees.

Sleep in a hidden treehouse near Shuswap Lake

Narrows Village is an adults-only wilderness resort accessible only by helicopter or boat on Shuswap Lake… There are mongolian dinner parties, clothing optional areas, and a treehouse! The hidden treehouse is a unique escape from society that also comes with its own drawbridge when you want total privacy…

Location: Shuswap Lake, BC
Average cost per night: Around $500+ per night (plus $150 transportation if needed)
Capacity: Sleeps 2 adults
Perks of glamping: There’s a sheer-draped king-size bed, a wood burning stove, rocking chairs, and a whole lot of rustic charm.
Website: Shuswap Destinations

You could always try a Yurt

A unique and roomy experience, yurts offer the charm of camping without the hassle of trying to stand up in the morning after sleeping on rocky ground all night. Originally, yurts were used by nomads in Mongolia, Siberia and Turkey, now you can take advantage of the circular-style tents in Ucluelet at Wya Point Resort! Plus, it’s fun to say. Yurt!

Location: Ucluelet, BC
Average cost per night: Rates vary per season, expect around $200+ per night
Capacity: Sleeps 3-5 adults depending on the size
Perks of glamping: Normal tents don’t usually come with a deck overlooking the ocean or a set of bunk beds.

Relax in a waterfront “Tenthouse”

Even your apartment probably isn’t as nice as these tents! At Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, the “tenthouses” boast king-size beds with fine linens, a hydro-therapy tub with a view, rain forest showers, and radiant floor heating. A bit of an upgrade from your $30 Walmart tent that’s still covered in spiders from last year.

Location: Halfmoon Bay, BC
Average cost per night: Around $350 – $540 per night
Capacity: Sleeps 2 adults
Perks of glamping: When you’re lounging in a hydro-therapy tub with a view, you know you’re doing it right.

Blow the budget at the most expensive resort in North America

The resort where dreams come true, where Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson once got married, and where you’ll blow two/three months rent for three days of bliss. This resort caters to the 1% but we can always dream… Mountaintop tents next to a lake, fluffy couches inside your cloth-canvas hideaway, ziplining, yoga, adventures… sign us up!

Location: Clayoquot, Tofino (reached only by seaplane or boat)
Average cost per night: Around $5,000 – $6,000 for three nights
Capacity: Luxury ensuite tents sleep a family of 5, outpost tents will fit a family of 4
Perks of glamping: Extreme luxury, opulent rugs, oil lamps, antique dressers, wood stoves

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