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Go for a blind date at Dark Table

Location: 2611 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
Hours: Open 7 days a week with various seatings per day (e.g. 5:45pm, 6pm, 8:30pm)
Phone: (604) 739-3275

Dining at Dark Table is like playing an extended game of “what’s in my mouth” but with good food served by friendly waiters. The restaurant is based on one concept that has already become wildly popular in London, LA, and Montreal… That is, eating in the dark.

And when we mean dark, we mean pitch black. While many people would balk at the idea of eating in the dark (What if they serve us liver!? What if I can’t find my fork!?) Dark Table has become a sensation for allowing diners to stimulate their other four senses by turning off their most powerful one (sight).

While the food is good (albeit a bit expensive), it is worth it for the experience itself. At Dark Table, you order your food (or go for the *surprise* options) and get led into the dining room by a waiter who is legally blind. If you do not adjust to the situation right away (claustrophobia, fear of darkness, etc…) the waiters are amazing and helpful when it comes to calming you down.

While you wait to dine in the dark, conversation can get very interesting. Nobody can tell what anyone else is doing or what facial expressions they may be pulling. It’s actually quite liberating (or frustrating) depending on who you’re eating with.

There are only a few servings a day, so make sure you check out the reservations page before heading to the restaurant.

Bonus tip: If you’re nervous about an upcoming blind date, why not make it really blind and meet them at Dark Table! It’s like a conversation over the computer, but in real life and without having to see what the other person looks like. Take that, Tinder!

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