It’s your favourite time of year again! The Vancouver Night Market season is quickly coming upon us, and our bodies are ready (we’ve been stuffing our faces all winter in “preparation”). This year, there are 3 night markets in Vancouver taking place in Richmond and North Vancouver. We couldn’t be more excited for more opportunities to hang around outside, eat, and buy another tacky cellphone case to match our new crazy socks.

Here’s our handy guide to the Night Markets happening this year in Vancouver:

richmond night market 2017

Richmond Night Market

Opening Friday, May 12, 2017. The biggest night market in North America, the Richmond Night Market features live performances, carnival games, and over 200 retail stalls. Plus there are over 500 food choices, so you know you’re not exactly going to starve.

Location: A short walk away from the Canada Line Bridgeport station.
Best way to get there: Just take transit, for the sake of your sanity. Get off at Bridgeport and follow the mass of people.
When is it open: Friday & Saturday Night – 7pm to midnight. Sunday & Stat Holidays – 7pm to 11pm

Price of admission: For an adult admission, it’ll cost you $3.25. Kids and seniors can enter for free.

illumination night market 2017

Illumination Summer Night Market

Opening Friday, May 5, 2017, this updated version of the International Summer Night Market (or Panda Market) will feature the largest lighting show in North America with nine different themes, copious lanterns, and unprecedented scale. Most importantly, the Illumination Night Market will hold more than 200 food and merchandise booths; and host more than 20 performance shows.

Location: Behind the Home Depot on Vulcan Way
Best way to get there: If you’re not driving (free parking!), usually there is a shuttle.
When is it open: Friday & Saturday Night – 7pm to midnight. Sundays – 7pm to 11pm

Price of admission: Free entry from May 5 – 7, after that you’ll pay $3 for admission

shipyards night market 2017

North Vancouver Shipyards Night Market

Opening Friday, May 5, 2017. With a different feel that’s more focused on food trucks, the North Vancouver Shipyards Night Market has a beer garden and an artisan market.

This night market is only held on Friday nights, it’s got a beer garden and lots of food trucks. This is, the Shipyards Night Market.

Location: Shipbuilders’ Square next to Lonsdale Quay
Best way to get there: If you’re coming from Vancouver, take the sea bus!
When is it open: Friday Nights 5-10pm – May 5 to September 29, 2017

Price of admission: Free!

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  1. Howie

    Richmond night market is 3.75 and zoom pass is 25 dollars for 7 entries so you can use next time or have 6 other people go with you. U don’t have to wait in the long line up. They only accept cash when buying tickets don’t bring 50 or 100 dollar bills because they worried about counterfeit money. Take a whole bunch of 20 dollar bills since you will spend that’s for sure