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Hastings Reflexology & Sauna

Located in a nondescript building on Hastings Street across from the Astoria Hotel is a little gem of a business that has been going strong since 1926. Recently renovated and taken over by new owners, this Vancouver institution is not well known and is usually overlooked by most who pass by.

The business is Hastings Reflexology & Sauna (Previously: Hastings Steam & Sauna), and it is one of the cheapest places in the city to get your own private sauna to get a good sweat on, either in a public room or in a private room (for 1 to 6 people). This little Vancouver secret is still going strong despite its location and lack of advertising.

Hastings Steam and Sauna is built around a Finnish tradition more than 1,000 years old. Devotees claim it is the only way to truly purify the body and mind, and the clientele ranges from students to business people to hipsters.

The facility has both private and public accommodations and welcomes individuals, couples, and groups. Since the 1970’s, the public area located in the basement was men only. For almost five decades women were not allowed in the basement public facility but times have changed. As requested by many of their female customers, the Hastings Reflexlogy & Sauna basement facility is open for women too. There is now a coed sauna in the basement Reflexology Center. Note: nudity is no longer allowed in these public rooms.

If you want something more private, there are six cedar and tile sauna rooms that can suit individuals or small coed groups. Three are gas fired providing wet heat, and the others are electric powered for dryer heat.

Check out the Hastings Steam & Sauna website for full details and pricing information.

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