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Haunted Vancouver: 11 places to spot a ghost

For most people in Vancouver, the closest they’ll ever get to seeing a ghost is on screen. However, according to the internet, there are actually many haunted places in and around Vancouver that have a history of ghost spottings and weird, unexplainable sounds.

Whether these stories are truthful or merely created as a tourism buzz, no one can be entirely sure. But why not grab some friends, go on an eerie night, and tell ghost stories in any of these haunted Vancouver areas that have been noted for their creepy haunts and paranormal activity:

1. Central Park – Burnaby

Many people have reported seeing ghosts near the lake, stadium and forest area of the park. A ghost was even caught on camera by the forest (Not available on Youtube). In addition, many people report that they can hear a woman screaming in gibberish. Many believe that a woman lost her kids one night in the park sometime in the early 30’s.

2. Irving House – New Westminster

This is the most recent ghost story as some people believe they have seen a 13 year old girl who committed suicide on 12th street in 2002. In March 2008 a team of investigators went to find the girl. Without having a description, they “claim to have seen a girl who was wearing jeans, a red hoodie and a backpack. They drove up to her and she stopped dead in her tracks, looked at them. Her face was completely white except for black eyes. They drove past her and turned around to look and she was gone.” (*Nominated as SCARIEST)

3. The Old Spaghetti Factory – Vancouver

Drawing suspiciously from the “promotional” side of things, Vancouver’s tourist friendly “The Old Spaghetti Factory” is said to have a haunted trolley car and 4 resident ghosts that include a trolley conductor, a small and michevious spirit with red hair, a young boy, and a young girl. Their stories are listed here.

4. Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

Many people have experienced the elevator stopping randomly on the 14th floor in the Fairmont Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. The door will open on its own and a lady in red has been seen gliding through the hallway.

5. 16TH Avenue West – UBC Point Grey

Rumour has it, a woman was left on the road by her boyfriend. She was walking down 16th Ave trying to hitch a ride when she was struck and killed by a car. Thereafter, it was repeatedly reported that a woman was seen on the avenue hitchhiking. But, if anybody tried to pick her up she would ignore them and continue walking. Doesn’t help that this road lacks street lights so driving down it at night is eerie with or without the ghost story.

6. Main Library – UBC Point Grey

It is said that the library is haunted by an old lady in a white dress. No one seems to know who she might have been, but she will vanish if approached. (Or if you stop chugging red bull to stay away for 48 hours to write an essay).

7. Orpheum Theatre

Many employees and guests have reported strange events and unexplained sounds coming from the theatre. Since it was built in 1927, the Orpheum has played host to a variety of performers, including an acrobat who fell to his death during a vaudeville act. Since then, he’s been a regular fixture at the theatre, with many sightings of him — mostly as an orb of light — reported by staff and performers.

8. Vogue Theatre

Not to miss out on the party, the Vogue Theatre also houses two resident ghosts. There have been many eerie noises and sightings of a ghostly man in a white tuxedo and black bow tie.

9. Beatty Street Drill Hall

Nothing is known about the identity of the ghost (or ghosts) that haunt the Beatty Street Drill Hall. An apparition of a man has been seen in the Senior NCOs’ and Officers’ messes. More commonly, strange and inexplicable noises have been heard throughout the building, including phantom footsteps, voices, books falling from shelves and various items suddenly falling from the walls.

10. Hycroft Manor

There is thought to be seven ghosts hanging around at the Hycroft Manor located on 16th Avenue near Shaughnessy. Many have reported ghostly roaming shapes that include a general, several veterans, and a nurse. These ghosts HATE filmers, and often appear if a film crew is in the area.

11. The haunted house at Cambie & King Edward

The story goes that it was either an ancient burial ground or there was a man who murdered his elderly mother there. Then, everyone who inhabited the home since then has experienced strange occurrences. Including luggage being left out on the lawn, baby cribs pushed precariously to the edge of windows, shadowy footsteps walking up the exterior walls, families sleeping only to wake up on the lawn, and more.

For another scary location that doesn’t have any ghost stories associated with it, but probably is a bit haunted, check out the Riverview Abandoned Mental Hospital in Coquitlam.

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