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Funk Hunters during the holidays

With guests Murge, the Librarian, Mark Woodyard, A.Skillz, Fort Knox Five, and Diamond Cafe. 

Written & Photographed by Craig Fleisch

Everybody has their very own unique annual holiday traditions. Whether it be stompin’ on the roof with sleigh bells for the kiddos or ordering Chinese food and watching a Christmas Story.

For a lucky few every December, their holiday traditions are to head to the Commodore Ballroom dressed in funky festive attire to dance, let loose and be thoroughly entertained by the Funk Hunters at Funk the Halls.

Things have been a little quiet on the concert front due you know what, now that life has returned to somewhat that of normalcy the fans have spoken.
The Funk Hunters only show in Vancouver, sold out in record time. Sadly, many were unable to grab a ticket, so in the festive spirit, they decided to add an additional night for their Vancouver fans.  

Longtime friends, collaborators, and artists, Nick Middleton and Duncan Smith’s, chemistry is unrivalled. This charismatic duo are wildly entertaining, they are as chill as the west coast and their sound is international, upbeat and funky.

Armed with four turntables, The Funk Hunters deliver a one-of-a-kind audiovisual experience. Combining their love of DJ culture, they effortlessly weave in and out of funk, hip hop, soul, drum ‘n bass and electronic music, all paired with their impressive custom-curated visuals.

To make the both nights even more exciting, The Funk Hunters invited their closest and talented musical friends to add to the magic. This year they were joined with Murge, the Librarian, Mark Woodyard, A.Skillz, Fort Knox Five, and Diamond Cafe. 

I highly recommend you check out their music, grab a ticket to their next performance but in the meantime feel free to host a kitchen dance party your neighbours won’t forget.

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